The ethnic item is a must -hub! What's in my bag vol.6

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Yesterday was the mid -autumn moon. Did you see the moon? It was a cloudy sky, but the full moon seen between the clouds was very clear and beautiful. I ate the dumpling perfectly!

By the way, this time, I will send you a popular project and the staff What's in My Bag. Introducing the contents of my bag's bag!


My favorite Akero bag 4WAY (drum) used for commuting and school. It is very useful because it is a large capacity and a point of coordination.

It is a flashy pattern, but it goes well with patterns and colors! (It's the charm of African plint ...)


Bags, clothes and accessories are often attracted to light blue, purple and green.



The case uses a RICCI EVERYDAY tablet case, which is perfect. A notebook and a cleaning cloth are put in the pocket on the back of the case.



Achero bag 4WAY attached pouch. Active as a gadget case. Pen and Notepad in the inner pocket.



An African plastic drawstring that a friend who lived in Uganda was a souvenir. For her, my image was purple and she chose this pattern! There are mirrors, lips and sunscreen inside.


Eco bag

An eco bag made by my mother with a cloth bought at RICCI EVERYDAY. This pattern (tsubutsububu) and the color are insanely a key point, and it is a recent favorite! (It's a stable light blue and green.)

Pass case

I have Suica, student ID, and coins.


I use a small one. I like the semicircle shape.

Air Pods & Key

The details are stored in the bag with the chuck of the bag. The Akero Bag series has a lot of pockets and is really convenient.

Notebook & Book

I like handwritten notebooks. Books often include what they are reading in graduate schools and research.

Two My bottle (for water and coffee)

I carry my bottle and do not buy drinks in plastic bottles and plastic containers as much as possible.

In addition, we will introduce the contents of the holiday bag!


The bag is a handicapped mochira made by an indigenous resident of Colombia.

Mini pouch

When you have a bag without an inner pocket, you can get lost in your bag in your favorite Enoden pouch.


Sunglasses are essential because the sun is still dazzling. The case is a foldable type and is made of cork! Plastic free♪I bought it when I traveled to Portugal.


When you go out, bring a single -lens reflex camera (but not good). I want to go to various places because the corona subsides soon. The strap is made by Mexico.

By the way, how was what's in my bag? This time, I introduced the contents of my commuting and school bags and holidays.

By the way, I have the rules for choosing bags, accessories, and clothes (although it's quite loose). That is, "Incorporate an ethnic item somewhere"! I am conscious of incorporating it into a mode -like style instead of an ethnic style of the katekote.

Everyone is a RICCI EVERYDAY bag and accessories, so be sure to incorporate African prints into coordination and life.

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