Would you like to incorporate the trendy pink into the outfit? -"RICCI EVERYDAY's Kala Pawa Corde" Summary in August-

hello. This is Sasaki Ikuo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY members.

In September, the temperature suddenly dropped, and the autumn day continues.

The other day, the chestnut went to the dining table and felt the taste of the taste.

Autumn of appetite, fall of reading, autumn of sports, and more fun.

By the way, in this column, I will talk about the coordination introduced in August in the Instagram project "RICCI EVERYDAY".

Then enjoy it to the end.

1. Coordination for the 1st week

2. Coordination for the second week

3. 3 -week coordination

4. Coordination for the fourth week

Five. summary

1. Coordination for the 1st week

The theme color in August was pink. Pink is a trendy color in the spring / summer of 2021 and in the fall and winter, and it is a color that is attracting attention in the coming season.

Let's introduce the coordination every week.

The first week is a casual style that combines raspberry pink sleeveless T -shirts, vintage shorts and silver strap sandals.

It is a one -tone outfit that also combines the bottoms with a pink cut -and -sew.

Green -based thereAkello Bag 4WAYIt is a coordination of the theme of the outdoors.
Green is the point and catches your eyes.

For cool styles and outdoor styles, be sure to have a clutch type. The coordination becomes more stylish.

In the Achero series, in addition to the clutch, you can use it in four ways, such as a handbag, a shoulder style, and a shoulder style, so you can enjoy various styling according to various coordination.

Next is a one -tone outfit when you want to play a bag as a leading role.

One tone setup, it is fashionable alone, but by holding a bag that matches the coordinates, you can tell that you are thinking about coordination firmly, and it is more fashionable.

The pink one -tone coordinates have a cute and mature and beautiful taste depending on the pink shade.

In addition, since it is one tone coordinates, it is a vivid African printMini AkelloWill be the leading role of Corde.
By all means, if you want to brag about your bag, please try one tone outfit.stomach.

2. Coordination for the second week

Next is the second week.


The hot summer is still cool and easy to coordinate.

T -shirts are essential items for summer coordination.
The short sleeve T -shirt with a wide open neck is a gentle pink color, cooler, and a relaxing impression.
Combine such a cute T -shirt to the glossy pleated skirt to coordinate it as a casual but also a outing style.

By matching the khaki, it also has the effect of tightening the coordination while enhancing gentle pink.
Akello PochetteThe one that uses pink and green is also a cohesive style.

Next is coordinating the theme "Never WRONG with Pink".

Pink that is courageous to wear for some reason when you grow up.

But at the same time, pink is a color that feels attractive.

We often hear from customers that pink is difficult to incorporate in terms of age.

In such a case, we recommend coordination that partially incorporated pink like this.

With a cardigan as shown in the photoAkello YokoJust use the pink as the color of the coordination, the coordination accents at once.

The pink used as a color is clearly recommended, clear and clear shocking pink and fucha pink.

At that time, let's tone down the color of other clothes so that the pink of the color is noticeable. Then you can create a mature atmosphere.
No matter how old, pink is a color that is moved, and pink is always our ally.

3. 3 -week coordination

Next is the third week.


A refreshing summer outfit with a bright pink linen wide pants with mint green cotton linen tops.

This summer trend color pink.

And linen's wide pants are also sold at various shops, and I think they were often seen.
It is a nice item for the adult generation who has a relaxed feeling but also has a good feeling.

The color and pattern are a little modest according to the adult styleMedium AkelloIs a point.
There are various designs such as large patterns, small patterns, and calm tones in African plints. Please choose your favorite one according to the coordination.

Next, here.



Recently, magazines are often featured in personal colors, and everyone may have adopted it into coordination.

If you give up because it is a favorite pink but it is not a pink that suits you, it is recommended to combine a different tone pink.

The T -shirt worn by this staff is a pink T -shirt called flamingo, as its name suggests, a bright yellowish pink like flamingo wings.

According to personal color diagnosis, this staff is a yellow base, so it seems that these pinks are often incorporated from yellow. But yellowish

Four. 4 week coordination

The last week, the fourth week.

Coordination of fussa pink long skirt x white T -shirt. At first glance it is a simple coordination, but when you look at the bag style, it has a bold open design.

If you choose a simple white T -shirt with a design like this, it will give you a simple but stylish impression.

For adult generation, it is recommended that simple T -shirts are particular about fabric and design.

The bags are mainly blue, and the points are used to be a casual impression by hanging Acheroyoko using the same fucha pink as the skirt.

Here is the last.


The theme this time is "Work Hard and Play Pink"
Office coordination made with shocking pink tops.

I think, "Pink will be sweet for office coordination ...?"

A strong combination such as shocking pink x black is perfect for "I'm going with a strong feeling today !!"

By holding a pink leaf pattern, the Akero bag 4WAY is added to the playfulness and cuteness.

It is recommended not only for office coordination, but also for outing coordination that stretches a little.

6. summary

How was that? August theme color was pink.

There are various pink pink.

Various pinks have appeared, such as bright pink, yellowish pink, and gentle pink, even with the coordination introduced this time.

What kind of pink do you like?

If the pink coordination is a little high, please refer to the points introduced this time and enjoy the pink coordinates.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Pink is a hot and winter color!

Works and questions from everyone, and your coordination techniques, etc.InstagramI would be happy if you could receive comments.

"Color, Power.", Let's enjoy a stylish autumn.

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