Introduction of Kala Pawa Corde in July


hello. This is Sasaki Ikuo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY members.

In August, summer is the production.
Recently, I feel that there are many days when the sky and the moon are beautiful.
I feel that the beautiful earth, such as the sky, moon, and mountains and the sea, should not be dirty anymore.
I really want to be aware of what we can do in our daily lives.

By the way, in this column, I will talk about the coordination introduced in July in the Instagram project "RICCI EVERYDAY".
Then enjoy it to the end.

1. 1 week coordination
2. Coordination for the second week
3. Coordination for the third week
4. Coordination for the fourth week
5. Fifth week coordination
6. Summary

1. 1 week coordination

This month's theme color is blue. Blue is also a trend color of this season. There are various blue such as royal blue, blue gray, turquoise blue.

There are various blue coordination in this coordination, so I will introduce it every week.

In the first week, we put red color pants with blue striped shirts.
We hear about the troubles that striped shirts will be coordinated like pajamas.
In this way, when combined with color pants, the standard striped shirt will be a sense of omission.

The bag is a bright green one, and both clothes and bags are coordinated.

Coordinated a large floral bag on the sleeveless blouse of denim and white off -shoulder blouse.

Of course, a simple white T -shirt and a sleeveless cut -and -sew are also nice, but when combined with high -design tops, the degree of fashion is even better, and white and denim royal road styling will be more enjoyable.

And the feet are combined with green heel sandals, making it look a little casual, making it look a little nicely visible.

Also, if you hold the same bag with a clutch type like this, the impression will change.

The Akero bag series can be used in four ways, so you can change the way you hold it depending on the mood and coordination of the day.

It is a very convenient and advantageous bag with a wide range of coordination.

2. Coordination for the second week

Next is the second week.


Blue linen cardigan, neon -colored T -shirt, striped pants, and pink cute floral bags.

In early July, the rainy season is still in the rainy season, so there are days when the rainy season is cold, and sometimes it is cold due to rain. In such a case, it is recommended because the linen cardigan is active.

And if it is a color cardigan, it will be a point of coordination, and the melancholy in the rainy season will increase.

Next is your work style.
Coordinated with royal blue sleeveless, gray linens skirt and yellow cardigan.

The bag is also a two -tone outfit that is not a one -tone outfit.
If you put the colors to a few colors and select the materials and designs, you can enjoy color clothes even in your work style.

In the work style using colors, if you choose a beige, khaki, gray, etc., you will not be able to claim too much and coordinate because the shoes are not black.

3. Coordination for the third week

Next is the third week.

In the third week, a blue logo T -shirt and white skirt.

Some say that the logo T -shirt has too much casual feeling and looks like a room wear, but the selection of bottoms is the point.

This time, a long skirt with a white volume cotton is combined, and the T -shirt is also long, so the sleeve is broken a little and the balance is adjusted.

If you combine the trendy skirt like this and devise a little balance of length, you can coordinate the logo T -shirt without being too casual.

Next is a long skirt coordination.
A blue skirt and a large blue plaid cut -and -sew are combined with a summer -like and clear large -colored Akeropo shet.

The skirt and cut -and -sew are a little calm tone blue, so we have a bright orange, fine border sleeveless.

If you want to get summery, but it's a bit too flashy, it's a good idea to choose a bright color for the inner.
And why don't you try the bags of gorgeous and bold colors and patterns in summer?

And if the pattern and color claim, if the Acheropo Shet size is the size, it is easy for those who challenge a bright bag for the first time, so please try it.

4. Coordination for the fourth week

It's the fourth week.

This is also an adult style of the eyes.
In the hot summer, clothes that show coolness while showing properly are convenient. In such a case, linen pants are one of the very easy -to -use items.

Linen pants with dark eyes can be used for work style, and can be used casually if the tops are sleeves or light ones.

This time, I made a calm atmosphere with the cardigan with a blue gray half -so.
Summer adult coordination with a refreshing blue, which is characterized by a refreshing blue.

The next is this.

The royal blue dress is completed by just wearing it with a single piece and the outfit is completed.
One piece is a very useful item.
The bag is also a one -tone coordination by choosing blue.

Shirt type and long -length dress are versatile items that can be used as well as shoes and bags and can be properly coordinated.

In particular, Blue dresses are used as shown in the photo to combine sandals and pumps, and when you combine sneakers and sports sandals, you will have a casual coordination.

If you have one, it is a very useful item in the summer.

5. Fifth week coordination

The last week, the fifth week.

This is an easy -to -shirt dress and bucket cap that imagined going out during summer vacation, such as camping and sea.

The simple T -shirt dress is also gorgeous with a vivid Akero bag.

The rough style also improves the fashionable feeling by combining it with the akero bag.

I am choosing a blue area Akero bag according to the blue border.
A sense of unity is created by incorporating one -point color of clothes into accessories and accessories.

Also, changing the way of holding the bag will change the image.


Here is the last.

The theme is "Girls Can Skate"!
Turquoise blue tops, damage processed jeans and high -cut sneakers are combined to imagine a cool girl who rides on a street, skateboarding.

By incorporating a lightning Akero 4WAY with a lightning pattern, it expresses a playful coolness.
By holding it with a clutch, you can create a even cooler atmosphere.

The combination of blue x yellow is very compatible, so the color of the tops and the yellow of the Akero 4WAY pattern, the color of each other complement.
It's a very cool style!

6. Summary

How was that? July The theme color was blue.
Blue is a perfect color for summer coordination. And because it is a trend color, many clothes are lined up in stores. Find a blue that suits you and try to incorporate it into your coordination.

From July, not only me, but also two staff members participated, and this Kala Pawa Corde project was powered up.
I would like to make everyone enjoy it.

I would be glad if you could receive your worries and questions, and your coordination techniques in Instagram comments.

"Color, Power.", Let's enjoy summer fashion using color power.

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