Introduction of "RICCI EVERYDAY Kala Pawa Corde" in June


hello. RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama Related Store) Member Sasaki.

The other day, I had the opportunity to talk to embroidery writers and accessories writers and see the work. All of them were polite and beautiful, and the combination of colors was very nice and had a lot of stimuli. Work is important, but I thought again that it was important to see various things and feel the time to feel and improve my sensitivity.

By the way, in this column, we will introduce the Instagram project "RICCI EVERYDAY's Kala Pawa Corde".

About the planning and background of Kala Pawa CordeLast month's columnPlease look at it as it is introduced in. Then please enjoy it to the end. 。

  1. 1 week coordination
  2. 2 weeks coordination



This month's theme color is green. Even though it is a green, the width of the color is wide, there are various green, and you can enjoy various coordination.

Let's look at weekly coordination.


The first week is a relaxed coordination that combines a green T -shirt and a natural colored pattern pants.


Coordinated with a bag featuring a pink raspberry color and a yellow pattern on a blue ground.

Green and pink are colors that are the opposite in color, so if you combine them with a darker tone, it will be compatible. For example, in this coordination, the T -shirt is a bright tone, so the pink is a little darker.

Conversely, when you bring dark green, such as khaki, the pink chooses bright tone pink such as shocking pink.


This is a coordination that combines a mini -kero with red. When combining green and red, you can add a small amount to make both of them work and coordinate well.


Next is the second week.



Coordinated with lavender -colored tops with a soft texture with a green and yellow colored skirt.

Add a red -based bag with an excellent color effect on a gentle coordination.

At first glance, it looks difficult, but the same color is the yellow used in the skirt and the yellow used for the bag. Green is also used for bags, so it really goes well!


A -line dress with a bright blue green green.

One piece is a versatile item that can be worn in a casual style, as well as a beautiful eye. The point when wearing a casual style is to choose shoes, bags, and accessories with a sophisticated material and atmosphere.


This is coordinated by combining a unique green pants for both the color and the design, and the lace round collar blouse.

It is cute to coordinate with sneakers and sandals in a rough style, but we make a style that is not too casual, not too casual. Why don't you choose a bag that is comparable to pants and enjoy coordination?


Next is the third week.


In the third week, pink and green check T -shirts on khaki pants and brown areas. With such a styling, it is an autumn -like coordination, but the bright green cardigan and silver sandals are combined to create a refreshingness.

This is coordinating with an Akero -shet. Red, blue, and yellow are combined in a well -balanced bag. You can enjoy the coordination like early summer.


Red and yellow are eye -catching, coordinated with large patterns and eye pattern bags.

Cardigan green and bag green are combined and styled casually. Large patterns and bright color bags are suitable for casual coordination.


A bag with a thin passion pink stripe and swallow pattern on a white background.

The same pink is used for T -shirts, so it is very compatible.

When you are wondering what kind of color you want to coordinate, it is easy to coordinate with "match the colors used in clothes and the colors used for bags" and they are well organized.


In the fourth week, the last week is a coordination using Akero 4WAY, which looks like bright red flowers.



A little relaxed coordination with a green stripe sleeveless blouse and a soft cotton long skirt with a soft texture.

The point when matching a long blouse is to choose a mini or long one.

Even if you just devise a botoms selection, please try it because it will be much more modern.



Coordinate with the same colored Neo -Rean T -shirt and gray linen pants to match the bag.

If you put on a jacket, the bright green will look down and look, and it will be a styling that will give you a good feeling.

Since the color of the bag is eye -catching, the clothes are keenly colored, and if you feel a colorful bag in your work style, your work will be even better.


A green dress perfect for early summer with a smooth fabric. A dress that can be worn with a single piece without worrying about coordination is one of the useful items that you want every season.

Since it may look a little heavy with a dark green, the bag is clearly colored, the haori that you want in the cold and the rainy season cold, select a light color.




How was that? The theme color this month was green.

There are many green greens, and there are various colors that are easy to match and compatibility.

What kind of green do you like?

Even when the rainy season is not clean, enjoy a refreshing green, bright green, and various colors of the power of various colors.

I would be glad if you could receive your worries and questions, and your coordination techniques in Instagram comments.

RICCI EVERYDAYInstagramThen, please take a look at the points of coordination in detail.

“Color, Power.”, Let's enjoy fashion using the power of color!

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