Introduction of "RICCI EVERYDAY Kara Pawa Corde" in May


hello. RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama Related Store) Member Sasaki.

The other day, I had the opportunity to go to the mountains two hours away from my home after a long absence. The deep breathing in the clean air was pleasant, and the sound of the river water and the fresh green was able to taste. I felt that my mind and body were clear, and I had never spent this way, so I wanted to have time to refresh in the mountains.

By the way, in this column, we will introduce the project "RICCI EVERYDAY's Kala Pawa Corde" that started on Instagram last month. I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

1. What is Karaga Pawa Corde?

2.1 week coordination 

3.2 week coordination

4.3 week coordination

5.4 week coordination

6. Summary

1. What is Karaga Pawa Corde?


The background and feelings of this project are mainly two.

The first is that you want to feel more familiar with African plints.

African print that makes you feel better just by looking at it colorfully. However, many customers said, "How do you match with clothes?"

I want to answer the voices of such customers, and we have decided to use Instagram to use Instagram various coordinates that incorporate African prints.

The second is that we want customers to experience the RICCI EVERYDAY brand concept, “Color, Power.”

The color of the color is large, and just looking and holding colorful items will make you feel bright.

Not only will you buy a product, but if you look at the RICCI EVERYDAY post, you will feel better.

In the first May, we introduced a refreshing coordination with the theme of "yellow" perfect for early summer.

2.1 week coordination

From here on, I would like to look at weekly coordination.


The first week is coordinating with bright yellow hoodies.

When matching the colorful African plint bag with the colored colored color, the color of the bag also contains the same color as the clothes.

By adjusting the color a little, not only is it colorful, but also a cohesive coordination with a good styling.

This is a style that combines light blue -based pochets. The pink is coordinated while the pink is accented while the pockette is also used.

It is a perfect style for a walk to your neighborhood.

3.2 week coordination

Next, the second week is a proposal to incorporate trend colors into your work style.


The coordination of work requires a proper feeling. But it's too tight and always gets the same impression. 。 。 In that case, it is recommended to incorporate trend colors into the inner and tops of the jacket.

And if you choose a brown one instead of black or dark blue, you can get a soft atmosphere. Both the material and the leather material are good, but it can be used for work if it is a solid form with a cotton material.

It is recommended to make the jacket and bottoms feel properly, and enjoy trend colors and your favorite color with the inner and tops.


Colorful yellow tops will make you feel better if you put on a jacket.


And just changing the way of holding the bag will change the impression.

4.3 week coordination

The third week is coordinating the floral skirt and denim jacket.


The point of this style is "match the color" when matching casual and beautiful eyes.

For example, when matching a casual jacket and a beautiful skirt and a casual bag, pay attention to the color, such as matching the color of the jacket and the bag, or the color of the skirt and the bag.

In this coordination, the skirt yellow and the yellow of the bag are combined.

And pay attention to the size of the pattern.


If the tops or bottoms pattern are large, they can be put together with a small pattern, and on the other hand, a large pattern is matched on small pattern clothes.

The fun of coordination of the pattern x pattern expands with a little ingenuity.


If it is a bit exciting to incorporate the pattern into the coordination, it is easy to challenge by incorporating it from small items such as Akeropo Shet. When incorporating a unique pattern, choose a small area.

5.4 week coordination

In the fourth week, the last week is a proposal of a style that uses a pink akero bag 4WAY to add a mode feeling to the cuteness with yellow x pink.


Coordinate with the overall of the trend this season.

Of course, it is cute to enjoy casual coordination with sneakers in such a style, but it is not too childish when you combine ballet shoes.

Adult casual style is completed by combining bags with soft pink colors.

For coordination that tends to be young, enjoy an adult casual style with small items such as shoes with a good feeling or mode bag.


If you want a little casual feeling in the style of a shirt and skirt, you can get a casual feeling with bags and shoes.

And a casual feeling even in the color. The combination of yellow and pink also has the effect of giving both sharpness and softness, and it is also important to choose a gentle impression such as cotton.

When giving a casual feeling in a beautiful look, the point is how to match the color and the texture.

Finally, this pants style.


Color pattern pants that you often see this season.

However, there is a problem that color pants, especially light colors, expand and look fat.

In such a case, let's solve it with accessories.

In this coordination, we chose a distinctive pink color and a large pattern with a clear bag to tighten the overall balance. Because it is a unique bag, the gaze naturally goes to the bag.

Coordination that balances the overall balance without concentrating the gaze into one point.

It is a recommended coordination technique for color pants that have a unique style.

6. Summary

How was that? "RICCI EVERYDAY's Karaga Pawa Corde" started last month.

There is no correct answer in fashion, and I would like you to enjoy each person's style and favorite things, such as the power of the color and the unique and bold pattern.

But I think there are various questions and worries, such as what kind of clothes should be combined with this bag, how to combine the colors, how to incorporate a pattern ... We will continue to introduce every month so that this Karaga Pawa coordinates will be helpful to all of you.

I would be glad if you could receive your worries and questions, and your coordination techniques in Instagram comments. I will also refer to coordination.

RICCI EVERYDAYInstagramPlease take a look at the points of coordination in detail.

“Color, Power.”, Let's enjoy fashion using the power of color!

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