Introduced on SNS! Information on coordination posting "color, Power."


hello. I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

There are days when you can spend short sleeves during the day! On the other hand, now in an emergency declaration, I can't go outside as I want ... I want to enjoy clothes that make my feelings bright as I go out.

This time, we will introduce a new project of Instagram with the theme of "Color, Power.", The brand tagline of RICCI EVERYDAY, which will start in May!

Named "RICCI EVERYDAY's Karaga Pawa Corde"

I will tell you in detail in the following content.

  1. The thoughts behind this project
  2. What kind of coordination do you introduce?
  3. At the end

  1. The thoughts behind this project

The main background of the project is mainly two.

The first is that I want you to feel more familiar with African plints.

African print that makes you feel better just by looking at it colorfully. However, many customers said, "How do you match with clothes?"

In order to respond to the voice of such customers, we will use Instagram, which is familiar to you, to various coordinates incorporating African prints.


The second is that we want customers to experience the RICCI EVERYDAY brand concept, "Color, Power." The color of the color is large, and you can feel bright just by looking or holding colorful items.

I hope that you will not only buy a product, but also look at the RICCI EVERYDAY post.

  1. What kind of coordination do you introduce?

Coordination is mainly introduced on Instagram. We set a theme color every month and post coordination according to the color.

Coordination is planned to be used in various scenes, such as everyday use, work, and a little outing!

At the time of posting, we will introduce the points of coordination in detail, so please take a look.

By the way, the theme color in May is yellow. We will introduce a refreshing coordination that is perfect for early summer.



Please check out Instagram!

  1. At the end

One of the favorite points selected from the many patterns. Such an important African plint item, this"RICCI EVERYDAY's Kala Pawa CordeI would be grateful if you could use it for a long time and in various scenes.

If you have any questions or requests, such as "I want to know the coordination using such a pattern of African plastic" or "I want to try a new color, but I don't know what to do", please comment on the post.