Staff's What's in My Bag & Mast Items Introduction Vol.4

I'm Chitsu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Today, although it is extremely questionable whether it will be helpful (laughs), I will introduce the contents of my bag during my stay in Uganda!

By the way, I personally love the What's in My Bag project, and I often watch Vogue's YouTube Channel videos.
I especially like EMMA WATSON and Naomi Watanabe.

That's why here is the contents of my bag!

 In Uganda, I almost travel by car, so I carry a lot of luggage every day (I ask Uber or a good friend driver).


・ PC
I have been using MacBook Air for many years.Mac Book Air, which can work anywhere in the world, is a must -have item!

・ 2 notes
Campus notebooks are used for daily meeting memos and To do management, and small notebooks are used for writing ideas and designs (my story book).

Uganda's sunshine is required because it is strong.

・ Pen case containing writing utensils (pink x green)
Always have about three favorite pens. In addition, we include tape major, ruler, mechanical pen, eraser, etc. Use when writing design.

・ Card -centered wallet (yellow)
A wallet used in Japan. I recently bought a new one. Until then, I used to use a magazine appendix.

・ Air Pods
I mainly use Netflix when viewing in the car.

The god is Shizuoka Asama Shrine.

・ Wallet pouch (pink)
Uganda's money unit is too small, and even a small amount may require a wad. I already give up using ordinary wallets and use a large pouch.
For example, 1 million kanda shilling is equivalent to about $ 300US, but the maximum unit of this bill is 50,000 shilling, so you have 20.

・ Mobile WiFi
Before and after the presidential election, the Internet was cut off, and SNS was still blocked. I want to ask the meaning of the router.

I have always been carrying a passport, such as updating a license in the executive office, going to a bank, updating my work permit with implication, and a passport.

This is now in the dry season, and it's quite hot during the day, so I'm carrying a fan around.

・ Cosmetic pouch M (pink x blue)
Preliminary masks, alcohol disinfectants, hand creams, mirrors, creams for insect bites, and candy are included.

·Mobile phone(Although it is not reflected because it is shooting)

・ Gadget hira pouch M (red x green)
As an out -of -charge, I always carry various chargers, plug constituers, USBs, earphones, and unknown sockets.

・ My bottle
This time there is only one, but usually two. For coffee and cold tea. For coffee, it is from Kinto. It is convenient because it is kept warm for a long time.

 How was it.
Depending on the day, in addition to the above, I put a lot of luggage in the third bag, such as putting a large file that stores the design under development and a large file that stores important documents from the company, and carrying it around.
The reason why the stiff shoulders get worse year by year is sweat here.

And my commitment points may already be noticed, but make it colorful!
If you are surrounded by colorful things, you will feel naturally raised and your motivation for work is rising.

 Recently, I want to make my desk around my home in Tokyo colorful.
Her husband often says, "I don't want you to increase more things," but she ignores it and is ongoing.♡
If this is completed, let me introduce you again.

I will do my best this week while being surrounded by colorful things!
Please spend a wonderful week.


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