Staff's What's in My Bag & Must Item Introduction Vol.3

I'm Kondo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

Today, it changed from the weekend and poured plenty of warm sunshine.
I was wearing a down jacket and it was hot and hot. smile

The temperature and the weather are often different.
The cheerful spring cheerful may be ahead, but I want to spend the changes in the climate at this time.

This time"I would like to introduce the contents of Kondo's bag, entitled the staff's What's in My Bag & Must Item introduction Vol.3.

Did you know that many videos are uploaded on YouTube for what's in My Bag project?
I like the simple system, and I enjoy watching various things that are wonderful in my bag.

Let's introduce it immediately!

I was a very luggage type, and before I met the Akero series, I often used large backpacks.
I was packing what I needed for the backpack of the size that I was told, "Are you going to travel?"
I remember that it was often said to be "big back". smile

Even after meeting the Akero series, the amount of luggage has not changed so much, but laughing, the enhancement of the functional aspects and vivid and unique patterns, it is a moment when the time to go out is even more exciting. 。

Right now, I use Medium Akero and Akero 4WAY according to the schedule and mood of the day.

Akello4WAY (soap bubbles) and medium Akero (the world where bees see)

The more you use it, the softer the leather handle and the more familiar.

I carry a PC almost every day, so it is useful for Akero 4WAY.
There is a bottom plate of leather and the straps are sturdy, so you can have heavy PCs stably. I have a shoulder style, but the burden is not large.

Click here for my must -have items!

From PC to the clock

・ PC
·pocket book
・ Lip balm lip set
・ Key / IC card case
·pencil case
Akello4WAY attached pouch
·Mobile phone

I also like simple designs and colors.

Books, notebooks, and pen cases will be anxious if they are not in the bag.
I carry at least one book and read it when I have time.
I read a wide range of genres, but I often read essays and social novels.
If you have a book you want to read, you will be able to read it as soon as you have it, and it is now in a state of reading, but reading is time to relax.

This book cover was created by my mother based on the flyer.
I like the design.

The notebook is a favorite of "Edit" brown, which has been in the third year of use this year.

I like to write, and I write a diary more than the schedule management (of course I also manage schedule!).
I also put postcards such as what I felt and knew, and I was interested in exhibitions and photo exhibitions. When I read the past notebook, I went back to the memory at that time, saying, "I thought ..."

For me, which is an essential item that cannot be let go of the PC, the charger is a must -have item. Sometimes you put it in a 4WAY attached pouch, or put it in a cube pouch.

Both have a gusset firmly, so they can be stable.
For me, who has a lot of simple colors on a regular basis, only one or two patterns will make the back gorgeous.
It also enters the cube pouch neatly.

Even if you store everything, it will be neatly organized.

I'm always thinking about reducing my luggage, but after all, it's all necessary, so it will increase. And I'm relieved to have it ...

For the time being, my luggage is unlikely to be reduced ...!

The color of the African print looks very nice even when combined with the monotone coordination.

What did you think.
It is time to go out, but if you like things and heartbreaks nearby, your heart will be strange and bright.
I guess the attachment that I usually carry will be more attached to it.
I would like to continue using not only those who carry it, but also the frequently used Akero 4WAY.

What is your favorite Akero series? This is the only must -have item that always puts it in? I would be glad if you could tell me.

Please look forward to the next column!

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Please look.
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