African print coordination Tips ~ Work Edition ~

RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama Related Store) Member Sasaki.

I am sorry for the private content as soon as possible, but the 92 -year -old grandfather's birthday was the other day. He is a very strict person and still a worker. Almost five days a week, I work active.
He has a very cool appearance, has always been my longing person and one of the respected people. I feel very grateful that people who want to be like this are close.

Well, this timeWe will deliver the theme of seasonal African print coordination TIPS -work.

What kind of clothing do you do when you work? I think that the clothes that are worn by each company and each company are different, but this time I tried to match the Akero series with "coordination that can be seen properly".
Also, this time, I wear a few clothes. I would be glad if you could refer to it.

1. Clothes that can be used properly in style 
2. Coordinates with Akero 4WAY -Uzumaki / Blue & Pink-
3. Medium Akero-coordinated with ancient letters
4. Coordinates with mini-kero-glasses cube-
5. Akero Shet -Blue Flower-Coordinates

1. Clothes that can be used properly in style 
Click here for the clothes used in this coordination.

Tops are denim shirts,Leopard pattern blouse, gray cardigan, blue long sleeve sweater

The jacket is navy and gray jacket

The bottoms are black knee length flare skirts, purple tight skirts, beige pants, navy cropped pants.

Small items are white -based scarves, brown and purple scarf, khaki suede pumps, black pumps, and brown loafers
We will use these and coordinate according to the Akero series.

2. Akello4WAY -Uzumaki / Blue & Pink-Coordinate
First of all, coordination with Akero 4WAY.
I used it Akello Bag 4WAY -Uzumaki / Blue & Pink-is.

The style of a suit that is combined in blue.
It is nice to combine with a simple bag such as black, beige, and gray, but you can enjoy unique fashion even if you combine a simple suit style with African prints.

Although it is the same bag, the back side is the main color, so you can enjoy coordination that matches pink like this.
AkelloIf it is 4WAY, it will be perfect for work because you will have a lot of luggage.

3. Medium Akero-coordinated with ancient letters
Medium Achero -ancient letters -used.

The calm coordination of a black flare skirt and gray jacket shines very unique pattern.

This is a navy pants and blue sweater, but if you wear a brown coat like this, it will be a very winter -like coordination.
So why not add brightness with a bag?

Medium Akero is a size that can just fit A4 size notebooks and tablets. Please enjoy it as a shoulder or diagonal.

4. Coordinates with mini-kero-glasses cube-
Mini -keroGlasser cuee- using.

The bag has a slightly casual atmosphere, so the denim shirt is used as an inner, black skirt and gray cardigan are added to beautiful elements.

This is a royal jacket and pants style, so I tried to add gorgeousness and a little playfulness with a bag.

4. Akeropo Shet-Blue Flowers -Coordinate
The last is Akero Shet. This is -Blue flower-is.
Pochette may be a little small when you go to work, so it is very convenient to use as a bag -in -bag in a tote bag without a partition or pocket.

And when you go for lunch or shopping for a while during your work, you can take it out of a large bag and use it only with pochette.

Pochette alone can coordinate very cute like this.

What did you think.
This time, I summarized it as a coordinating TIPS ~ work for African Camps. With this theme, I came up with various thoughts about my work coordination and clothes.

When I worked in the hospital, I wore a white coat, when I was working in business, a suit every day, and when I was serving customers at RICCI EVERYDAY Daikanyama directly managed stores It's nice to match the prints. " There are various jobs, there are various companies, and each person has their own thoughts, so I thought that there were various things, so I imagined a lot.

For me, the clothes I wear at work are like a combat uniform that makes me feel like I'm going to work! That is not necessarily a click, such as a suit. My grandfather's work clothes that I talked about at the beginning are white coats.
If you wear a white coat, your feelings will be frustrated and the look of the work mode will change.

I think that clothes and bags are fun, and they have a lot of power, such as making them fun, raising the mood of "Okay, I'll do it."

The number of remote work has increased, and I think there are many people who work at home recently, but in that case, why not decide or incorporate items that can be used in one point? ?

Now that there are various restrictions, I hope you will be able to switch on and off and enjoy your daily fashion.

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