African plint for winter coordination

I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

Suddenly, the morning and evening and cold days have increased.
I will tell you about winter coordination.

♦︎ Adult coordination with bags that imagine autumn leaves

♦This is coordinated with Akero 4WAY, as if imagining red or yellow autumn leaves on a white background, with purple skirts, brown knits, and beige cardigan.

The entire coordination is brown and purple to create a slightly calm adult atmosphere.
The color of the bright bag stands out there. This pattern is
If you switch to an Akero -shet, it will give you this impression.

♦︎ In the skirt that checks a bag with a bright pink and pink

Akero 4WAY, which has a pulp and pink color, combines a black turtleneck and a wine red cardigan with a skirt with khaki.

Purple and pink will make the coordination familiar when combined with khaki and brown colors.
If you make a mini -kero, the casual vivid African plint will look wonderful.

♦︎ Cute casual bags with bold colored patterns that seem to be African plastic

It is an African print that features a clear color pattern, but it is a waste that only the bag floats!

In such a case, try incorporating colors that are familiar to any color, such as gray or beige, into skirts and tops.
It has a softer atmosphere than matching black and white.
It is a cute point even if it matches the navy coat.

When you make a pochette, it looks like this.
The vividness is added to the calm color clothes.

♦︎ In the pants style, the dark purple bag

This mini -kero is a clear purple and colorful color scattered. Coordinated with brown pants and Bordeaux turtlenecks.

While the gorgeous color bag shines, it is not too flashy.
This is a different color blue system.

♦︎ Coordination with a pattern x pattern

How should I match the pattern clothes? I often have a question.
The point when matching with the clothes of the pattern is the size of the pattern.
This fine pattern Akero 4WAY has a skirt designed with a large circle.

And the brown baked color Akero 4WAY is a small flower pattern dress.
On the contrary, if you bring a small pattern with a small pattern, you will be familiar with it without discomfort.

This is a mini -kero coordination.

If you combine a similar color coat, you will have an elegant impression.

If the pattern of the clothes is large, the bag is small, or if the pattern of the clothes is small, try coordinating a large pattern bag.

Although it is an African print with a strong summer image, I would like you to take it into winter coordination and enjoy it.

The directly managed store offers a colorful Akero series.
I would be glad if you could find one of your favorite points while matching with your usual favorite appearance.

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