October 19, 2020: Autumn/Winter Trends


This is Ikuyo Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

I feel the change of the four seasons in the scent of Kinki-an which smells suddenly in the middle of a walk and shopping, and am healed.
What kind of fashion are you enjoying this autumn these days when such autumn has deepened?

This time I will deliver about the trend of autumn.

1. This autumn/winter trend color
2.Autumn Trend Fashion
3. How to take in the trend


  1. This autumn/winter trend color

First of all, it is about the trend color of this autumn and winter.
The attention color is red, black, and blue continues from spring and summer is still a trend color.
The color announced by Pantone In the United States is here.

 There are many warm colors, and it continues to be characterized by nuance colors in spring and summer.
Among these trend colors, the featured colors of this autumn and winter are red, black, and royal blue.
You can see a lot of special pages of black clothes in magazines.

(See VOGUE JAPAN September 2020 issue)

In addition, it is the color of the calm tone that is remarkable as well as red, black, and royal blue.
Calm tone is the color of calm tone, such as at the bottom of the color chart announced by Pantone, beige-based, gray-based color.

Calm tone is familiar to the skin, because the skin reflection is also good in the color eyes that everyone looks good, it is also recommended to be served at the time of online meetings.

(See Previous October 2020 issue)
Such a feeling is also a calm tone. It will be a very elegant atmosphere.

2.Autumn Trend Fashion

First of all, I want to pay attention to the bourgeois chic which the trend of the world and elegance have increased further this autumn.


In the fashion world, the value of "longer things that are better" that will continue to lead to sustainable trends is also increasing.

(See October 2020).

In the Japanese fashion world as well, jackets + dresses, pants, etc. are attracting attention for their classic look.

(See HARPER's BAZAAR September 2020 issue)

In addition, grunge fashion derived from Grange Rock, which was popular in the late 80s and early 1990s, is also attracting attention. It is a point to put out the likeness of this year with a suppressed color, a pattern, and a small use.
And the animal pattern continues to be a trend this season.

(See October 2020).

And you can't miss the setup.
For example, if you have a bow tie blouse made of soft and supple material and a set-up of mimole-length pleas skirts, you can enjoy a variety of dresses.
Se (disambiguation)
Tua (disambiguation)It becomes an elegant atmosphere neatly if I wear it together with a p, and it is perfect for the day of work and the day of going out which must be done neatly.

(See October 2020).

If you use a blouse to make it a pants style, it becomes casual style like this.

(See October 2020).

And the style with the skirt. Casual tops, hooded ones such as photos and T-shirts make it casual, and if you put them together in blouses and heels, you'll feel gorgeous and neat.
Like one piece, the setup is recommended as a useful item when you have trouble with coordination if you have one.

3 How to take in the trend


We've introduced a lot of things, how was it so far?
"I want to introduce trends, but how do I get them in?" I also hear people say, "I don't know if it suits me..."

I'm a little nervous when I wear red or animal patterns that I've never taken in before.
In such a time, how about trying to introduce a little trend into accessories and makeup?

This is an animal-patterned sock. It becomes a very stylish feeling just by looking a little from white sneakers and black leather shoes, and there is a little resistance to boldly taking it in clothes, but I want to challenge the animal pattern! It is a way of using that I want to recommend to those who say.

It is also a point to try to take the red system into makeup, especially lip and teak.
"It's also exciting to wear a bright red lip!" I think that there are some people who say. In such a case, first put on the base of the lip of the beige system, such as in the upper left of the photo, please try to paint the lip of the red system from the top. This will make you more familiar. If you lightly turn off the tissue after painting, you will become more familiar with it, so please try it.

This time, I was told about the trend fashion of autumn mainly in the trend color of autumn and winter. It was spring and summer when I couldn't enjoy fashion easily because of the corona vortex.

I still can't predict autumn and winter, but I hope you can enjoy fashion in a new way of life and spend every day with excitement and smiles.
Everyone, let's enjoy fashion! !

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