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This is the introduction of winter coordination ~ Let's express my personality.

You may think that African Campus has a strong summer image and is not suitable for winter coordination, but it will be nice if you can refer to the winter coordination.

1. Coordination of Achero bag 4WAY
2. Medium Akero coordination
3. Mini -kero coordination
Four. Aceropo Shet coordination

1. Akello4WAY coordination

Immediately coordinate with Akero 4WAY.

I put it into an orange wave pattern bag into a check skirt that is also a trend this season. If the outer is a dark color, it is not a discomfort even if the outer is dark color, even if the outer is dark color.

And it seems that "holding" has become a hot topic.
It seems that roughness is born, it becomes a sense of coordination, and it is also effective, and it has the effect of making it a "good impression".
The Akero bag that can be held as a clutch is a perfect item for such "holding".

Next is this style.

Beige sweatshirt pants, white high neck knit and brown coat.
It is nice to put it together in one tone, but by matching a clear colored bag, it will be sharp and accented.
If you match it with the same color as the whole coordination, it will not be too much point and there is a feeling of cohesion, so you can coordinate neatly.

2. Medium Akero coordination
Next is Medium Akero.

A hoodie that sells various types this season.
The trend is a style that combines such a tulle type skirt and trench coat to mix the rough and neatness.

If you combine it with a large pattern bag with a pattern skirt, you can coordinate without discomfort, and there are some of the African plints that are so calm, so be sure to incorporate them into winter coordination.

And this navy pants, brown knit, gray coat is simple style.

In winter, there are many dark coats, and the coordination tends to be heavy.

In such a case, how about incorporating an African plastic bag and making it a point or lightness?
Also, if you choose a light color like this, you will get a lightness and a sense of omission in the coordination. Now, "missing" is important.

3. Coordination of mini -kero
Next is mini -kero.

This is also a leather -like skirt that I often see this season.
This is a fake leather skirt, but it doesn't pass the wind, so it's warm, so it's a fake, so it's a recent favorite item because you can wear it with confidence even on days when the weather is worried.

Because the skirt is long, the style may feel a little heavy for me (height 154㎝).
In such a case, I select a small bag like this, create a vertical line with a stall or muffler, and coordinate it so that it can be used as a vertical line.

The mini -kero is a perfect item when you want to have a small bag because it can be small even if it is small.

This coordination is also a trendy jacket style.
If you put on a jacket, it will look like this.

By combining such a cool style and a cotton -made African plastic lint bag, you can express roughness and individuality.
I think that it is a very good point of African printing to be able to add individuality to the trend.

4. Coordination of Akero Shet
Finally, Akero Shet coordination of very cute color patterns.

One -tone coordination in light gray and beige.
The tops are combined with the yellow shirts and the color of the pochette.

The shoes were finished in an adult style with a glossy black thing, giving it a sense and cohesion.
So the pochette is not a diagonal hanging that gives a casual feeling, but a style that you want to hold in a handbag style.

This is a leopard pattern dress, a Sky blue stand -color coat and heel.
Even in such a style, if you combine the small pattern and the overall color, you can put the pochette into an adult female style.

The point at this time is that clothes and shoes are all together in the same color.
By doing so, both clothes, bags, and both have the effect of enhancing both clothes and bags.

What did you think.
In winter, it is cold and my body and mind tend to shrink. And some people may not be able to go out easily. In such a case, I hope that you will incorporate African prints and feel a little bright and light. 。

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