[November 6, 2020] the introduction of the customized wear

It is Kondo of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member.

Feel full-scale autumn, and feel work しさを of the change of the temperature; nowadays.
I come to see the Christmas display here and there recently in downtown...
The footsteps of a gorgeous season gradually approach.

By the way, of this timeIt is expression しよう ~ with a quality of oneself with Just Be Yourself~ fashionThen from RICCI EVERYDAY Customized which is the customized service of the fashion item using a colorful African print,Customized wear (clothes)I introduce をご.

Seven kinds of designs to introduce today!
I introduce me with a dress (dress), tops, underwear, a skirt widely!
I heard an order in limiting a pattern at the direct management store.
Because tell you about the details in current column last; without passing over!

1. I introduce 7 customized wear designs of RICCI EVERYDAY
2. Introduction of coordinates
3. About a current customized order

1. I introduce 7 customized wear designs of RICCI EVERYDAY

It is the 2way dress which it can put on like a light overcoat from casual coordinates to just wear.
I am very stylish when I regulate the string part which a wrist has as a sleeve for seven minutes.

In the whole leg which does not do suddenly too much having roomYou can wear it.
To the silhouette which was refreshing even if I entered it with a T-shirt and a white shirt because it was the design which was a high waist.

The pencil skirt that a silhouette of the whole leg is beautiful from a hip.
It is the coming season when abhorrentness rises,I have you coordinate in conjunction with a parka and a trainer casuallyIt is のもお ススメ.

The Abu Dhabi gathers skirt which an expanse from to a hem shows to the silhouette with the three-dimensional impression.
The point where is different from the front in length of the length behind is a point. I see footwear clearly.
It is gorgeous even if I do it for subtraction coordinates in the tops which are simple to the skirt that there is volume.

It features a sleeve part cut deep into diagonallyの back eye tops.
To the silhouette which there were the strength and weakness generally because tuck was garnished the front with, and was tightened.

The Bucks tile which a back looks like casually for an instant is wonderful.

This is a new design of 2020.
Because the ribbon belt is on, it grows tightly and does it for a point and,The adjustment of a feeling of length is possible, tooです. I can have you wear it without a belt lightly.

This is a new design of 2020, too.
The sleeve with the voluminous feel and balance of a feeling of shortish length are very pretty blouses.

Tie up back partial が ribbon; it is a point to design.
It becomes the design which it is easy to match with skirt, both underwear.

2. Coordinates introduction

Though "is pretty, should put it together how"; "what kind of coordinates will be good"

The African print that a colorful, individual pattern gets a lot of looks.
Of course I can dress even clothes of the customization well splendidly even if I put simple tops and accessories together.

It is colored races reply coordinates 1

In a style lightly wonderful with one piece putting.
I can enjoy fashion in a coming season when I have you wear a coat from this top.

This is a different style again.

Because it is a feeling of cloth which it becomes gorgeous at all and did it well when I put in a long coat style on a T-shirt and the knit which are denim + Shin pull in this way, there is the thermal effect. It is good to an intense climate of the autumn temperature difference.

It is wonderful to wear in a dress simple substance lightly!
This dress "should height be high one?"...I have というお voices well, but am all right even if height is not high.
By the way, this model height is not at all high height with 154cm.

It is wide leg underwear coordinates 2

I let underwear be outstanding and can dress it well casually.
It is good as a border and the stylish house coat which I beat in total, and spend time in a relaxed mood in this way.

It is Rachel pencil skirt coordinates 3

The coordinates that matched a black cardigan with white tops.
Even if I enter it and coordinate knit as for the present season, it is wonderful.

It is Abu Dhabi gathers skirt coordinates 4

The coordinates that let the pattern of the skirt be outstanding in conjunction with the cardigan of the dark tone. The step is sporty with sneakers.

It is A dress coordinates 5

In the atmosphere that it is a dress of simple A-line, but a neck is refreshing because front and back become the V neck, and is feminine.

The feeling is given properly if I put on a jacket in this way.

An impression changes even if I put on a cardigan and a denim shirt, a long dress.

In conjunction with a denim shirt.

The balance with the long dress matches and can enjoy the contrast of the color.

In addition, if wear a sweater; such as the skirt is coordinated.

It is carry volume tops coordinates 6

This green devil pattern is a very bold impression, but the area that the blouse is seen when I put cardigans together becomes small, and it is in a little calm impression.
And the part to see goes up the feeling from the cardigan for a very bright impression.

It is wonderful to underwear-style.

3. About a current customized order
The order of seven kinds of designs which I introduced todayPattern-limitedI accept で and am.
The pattern that I can guide is 3 following patternsです.

・Swallow white & khaki blue - White Sparrow -

・Brown dragon - Brown Dragon -

・Geometry Ron bus - Geometric Light Green & Purple -

In addition, A dress and the carry volume tops are online stores, butOne 1 pattern-limitedI sell で.
The details
ThisPlease confirm からご.

How would about?
Although the clothes made with an African print are gorgeous; one's depending on a combination; "like it", and を can embody.
Please enjoy a customized wear of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I carry out The staff invites all of you after enforcement of the thermometry and mask wearing.
When you had you come to the store, please cooperate with sterilization with a certain alcohol gel near a door.

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