Staff's What's in My Bag & Must Item Introduction Vol.2

I'm Takatsuki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

In December, the winter cold is approaching the actual performance.
Be careful of colds and keep them warm.

In the theme of "Just Be Yourself -Let's Express His Personality in Fashion-", the aim is to help readers find fashions that are self -aware of themselves without being trapped by the gaze and fixed concept of surroundings through fashion. I will write a column.

This time, we will introduce the bags and belongings that the staff usually uses. By introducing the staff's "personality", I would be glad if the readers could find their own bags and, themselves, their commitment to fashion.

1. Staff C's bag
2. Finish the bag introduction

1. Staff C's bag
This time, we will introduce Mr. C's bag from the online team staff.

Mr. C's must -have item

・ Large format stall
・ Children's time killing goods
·Eco bag

It seems to be.

"If you are not good at organizing and your bag is too large, you will pack various things and bully."

On the day you want to move lightly, he seems to act with the minimum amount of medium Akero.

C who has a child.
"Still, there are enough things to spend a day with a child, and it is useful."

In the bag, in addition to skin care such as wallets, handkerchiefs, hand soaps and moisturizing, snacks, books and toys for children, and large -format stalls to be worn when it gets cooler.

"Among them, the origami is light and it is essential without bulky!"

In addition, I was told some points to make my luggage compact!

"If you do a little shopping or if your luggage increases, it is enough to use an eco bag on the strap."

Recently, he seems to use electronic money to clean the contents of the bag. "Because the wallet is large and heavy, even when walking, even if you do not bring your wallet with only electronic money, it will make your bag cleaner and lighter!"

2. Finish the bag introduction
How was the staff "What's in My Bag & Must Item introduction vol.2"? The recommended point of medium Akero is that even if you put things enough, it will be compact.

Putting an eco bag on the strap is the life hack that I need to forget and buy what I bought! (smile)

We will continue to introduce the contents of the staff's bag and the must -have items, so please check it out if you like.

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