[November 4, 2020] the coordinates autumn of the season

It is Ikuyo Sasaki of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member.

Of this timeIt is expression しよう ~ with a quality of oneself with Just Be Yourself~ fashionThen it is the introduction about autumn coordinates.
I adopt アケロシリーズ for autumn coordinates and want to have you enjoy fashion more.

1. Coordinates of アケロ 4way
2. Coordinates of ミディアムアケロ
3. Coordinates of ミニアケロ
4. Coordinates of アケロポシェット

1. Coordinates of アケロ 4WAY
アケロ 4WAY which I chose this time becomes the design which a big circle pattern and amorous glances of the purple are characterized by. A The style that the first coordinates made a bag a point for a trend of this season, black coordinates. The footwear gives casual appearance with white higher frequency elimination sneakers.

As for the next, this is a trend of this season, denim and jacket-style, too.
The bag makes time of the dress and the same thing a clutch.

If the denim puts on a jacket to the thick thing of the color, a feeling leaves properly. And the feelings increase more properly when I bind a neck with a scarf or a handkerchief and are pointed coordinates.
Because an impression changes because an inner surrounds even a T-shirt one piece, please take it in in a part of coordinates by all means.

2. Coordinates of ミディアムアケロ
Next is ミディアムアケロ. As for this, a circle pattern and orange are discriminative; is designed. A The orange has good affinity with the brown of the same warm color system.
I match a shirt of the small floral design of the pink system with tops.
Because a bag is the thing of the big pattern, I put the clothes of the small pattern together and am not strange either.
An African print is taken in to clothes of the cloth with patterns if you can devise it a little.

The style of the slightly hard feeling that this place was the same as coordinates of アケロ 4WAY, and adjusted a leather jacket to jeans of the darkness.
I make only some parts that a circle pattern of ミディアムアケロ is hard a soft impression. Because you can give a soft atmosphere in a pattern, I take in the bag of the African print with various handles of, and why don't you add it to coordinates?

 3. Coordinates of ミニアケロ
Next is ミニアケロ. It is the bag which it is easy to use very much because baggage is contained more properly than an appearance.
The pattern such as the feather of the peacock gets a lot of looks, too. A
It is the style that took in an overall to see recently with the magazine. The knit does the thing of the V neck, the step to a black loafer when I prepare all with a casual thing because I become childish and does it in overall-style of adult. The design of the pattern of the bag is pointed, too.
If put on a jacket in this style, and change a step into a heel; more in the impression of adult.

The next is trendy red of this season and the style that I adopted.
I match it with the wide underwear of the navy. The bag is the same as ミニアケロ like the point,; but the back side such; because is designed, can enjoy it with two ways of styles.

It becomes the different impressions again only by these coordinates changing a step.

4. Coordinates of アケロポシェット
It is coordinated アケロポシェット successively.
It is the comfort which is usable as a walk and shopping of the within easy reach of, bag in bag. A A poncho of マゼンダカラー and a small pattern put underwear of woven brown together in アケロポシェット of the design that blue and Green were very beautiful.
When they adopted a gorgeous color in a bag and tops, coordinates become easy to assume that they put dark color together in the bottom.

The coordinates that I gathered this up in calm tone of the beige system.
It is the color that the calm( カーム) tone attracts attention of in this season.

I introduced カームトーン beforeAbout a trend in the fall and winterBecause you introduce me in の column, look at the one worried about.
And when a big bag is had, like this style, I add アケロポシェット and become at all convenient when I have I have you put a wallet and a smartphone, the handkerchief here and use it and can do it for the point of coordinates more.

How would about?
The season when it is easy to do fashion in autumn. I want to have all of you enjoy fashion like oneself. If the maid can let you do even a little in us, I am glad.

I have you use online waiting on customers service, visit reservation of our store, and, please enjoy shopping and fashion!

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When you had you come to the store, please cooperate with sterilization with a certain alcohol gel near a door.

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