[October 6, 2020] Introducing the Akello bag based on the voices of everyone!

I'm Yoko Kondo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (a store directly managed by Daikanyama).

There are only 3 months left this year. The change of seasons is getting into full swing, and it seems that the number of people in the city is increasing in autumn. I like the changing seasons of Japan, and I especially like the flow of time from summer to early autumn.

The other day, I was excited by the sweet scent. What kind of scent is Kanagi 犀. You can enjoy the seasons with all five senses, and you can feel the unique atmosphere of this season.

By the way, in this column, I will rewind the time and introduce the results of the questionnaire that was conducted at Instagram Stories this spring and asked customers to choose their favorite pattern from the Akello series. It was a very interesting result for the staff.

We asked you to choose from several types of Akello 4way and two types of medium Akello, with questions such as patterns, colors, and seasons. Let's check each question immediately. Please pay attention to the name of the pattern.

● Which would you choose if you want the bag to be the main character?
● Large or small African printlike?
● Which one do you want to have in the coming season?
● Which would you like to have for work or private life?
● Now in directly managed stores

  • Which would you choose if you want the bag to be the main character?

→ Voter turnout: ① "Embroidery"83%② "Choco banana leaf / yellow" 17%

In this question, many people chose the "embroidery" of ①, which is colorful and has a clear shape.
Whether your clothes are monotone or bright, it seems that many people choose bright colors when holding a bag as a point.

Pattern name: Embroidery
The contrast between the pink color on the front and back and the dark blue on the outer material is clear!

Even with Akello 4way, which has a calm color like "Choco Banana Leaf / Yellow" in ②, it is nice to match the pink color of the lining to the point while blending well with your usual outfit.

Pattern name: Chocolate banana leaf, yellow
The base is a calm cream color, and the accent color of yellow and pink lining enhances the impression of the back!

  • Which do you like better, large or small African prints?

→ Voter turnout: ① "Gabyo"58%② "florets / red"42%

This question resulted in different tastes depending on the pattern and color. From the following two types of designs, it seems that many people recommended the design "Gabyo" in (1).

① "Pushpin"If anything, the irregular design is attractive for a large design like this. (2) A small design such as "florets / red" has a unified pattern that gives the impression that it looks good even from a distance. By all means, when you come to a directly managed store, please take a look at it away from the mirror. The impression changes drastically.

Pattern name: Pushpin
The unusual and characteristic pattern is impressive. It's a bold thumbtack!

Pattern name: florets / red
It is the same warm color system, but the impression changes greatly with a small pattern.

  • Which one do you want to have in the coming season?

→ Voter turnout: ① "Energy"69% ② "Pond fish khaki" 31%

You can enjoy Akellobak all year round, regardless of the season, but you may imagine the season that you have in your first impression. This questionnaire is the result of being aware of early summer. Summer is just over, but lol, please imagine next summer!

① "Energy"
Bright and bright greens and oranges like this feel the energetic power for the early summer season. Of course, if you bring it not only in summer but also in the beginning of autumn, you can feel the cool impression unique to autumn.

Pattern name: Energy
Many bright primary colors are studded. There is also an atmosphere that makes you feel Japanese.

Pattern name: Pond fish khaki
The distinctive design is also impressive here. The orange color of the outer material and the pink color of the lining complement the dynamic fish design.

Pattern name: Mokomoko
It's an extra edition, but if you get such a cool color in the summer, it will give you a cool impression. Next summer, I'm already thinking about matching it with a cream base or a light-colored dress ...!

  • Which would you like to have for work or private life?

→ Voter turnout: ① "Circle Circle Yellow & Blue"57% ② "Long earrings" 43%

Some of the customers who come to our directly managed stores go to work with their Akello bags. Both of the medium Akellos introduced this time are characterized by their calm colors and large design. Medium Akello is the size that A4 size fits perfectly. You can also use it on your shoulders or diagonally. Besides that, you can also use it as a handbag when you put your wallet, mobile phone, pouch, my bottle, etc.

Pattern name: Circle Circle Yellow & Blue
Although it has a simple impression, the design, which is a mixture of cool blue and warm yellow, has a strong presence even when viewed from a distance.

Pattern name: Long earrings
It is based on a blue mesh pattern.
The yellow color of the outer material and the pink color of the lining make the color clearer.

What did you think.
I enjoyed looking back on your answers this time. It is very nice that there are as many "likes" and "wants to wear" as there are patterns and designs. Picking it up directly at a directly managed store may change your impression and feelings, but it may also be a new encounter or an excitement that you haven't noticed before.
Even with the online customer service, you can take a leisurely look at the inside of the store and the products, and you can enjoy shopping in the actual store space. Please use that as well.

● Now of directly managed stores

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