[September 19, 2020] Staff What's in my bag vol.1

This is a division of members of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

In the theme of "Just Be Yourself: Express yourself in Fashion," I plan to write a column to help readers find fashion that is unique to them without being caught up in the gaze and fixed concepts around them through fashion.

This time, I will introduce the commitment to the bag and the thing that the directly managed store staff usually uses. By introducing the "ownness" of the staff, I would be happy if readers could find their own bags and, in turn, their commitment to fashion.


  1. Staff H's bag
  2. Staff W's Bag
  3. After the introduction of the bag


  1. Staff H's bag

First of all, I would like to introduce Staff H's bag. In a simple white and leather bag, it seems to carry usually put a variety of pouches!

Basically, the contents of the bag are arranged using a pouch, especially in THE CASE EVERYDAYMulti-caseIt was said that the pouch that Mr. H's mother embroidered the dog was a favorite.

He said, "It is often said that the appearance is cool, but I like characters and mascots unexpectedly. I often put cute characters and colorful things in a simple bag. You have your own humanity (laughs).
What I'm addicted to right now is The Smikkogurashi. I use key chains and notepads."

In the pouch, there are medicines, tissues, Cairo, bandages, sterilization sheets, brushes, lip balm, eye care, etc.
In particular, the multi-case is "very convenient because a large number of items fit compactly, and it is perfect for me who has a lot of luggage." In addition, the contents of the makeup pouch, only to a minimum.
"Highlights are a must! If you highlight it, you'll feel better! 」

  1. Staff W's Bag

Next, I would like to introduce Staff W's bag. Mr. W loves "Eco Circle White" by RICCI EVERYDAY. "I usually wear a lot of simple clothes, so I like the way I get used to any kind of clothes." Because it is short, it seems to be a point that the knot is tied to the ribbon knot and it is shortened.

Mr. W who says that it is a net addiction. "It's essential to carry your PC with you wherever you go!" 」。 Therefore, the bag tends to be large, but "recently I aim to reduce my things as much as possible and make them lighter!!" 」。
I'm looking for a small wallet and a brush box and use it.

Pouches love those of RICCI EVERYDAY and those of Kangarui. "Both are colorful and tension goes up when you take them out of the bag!" 」。 All chargers are put together.Cube PouchesIn, eco bag and folding umbrella is said to have put together in the pouch that comes with the Akello bag.

  1. After the introduction of the bag

How was the staff's "What's in my bag vol.1"?
Among the RICCI EVERYDAY directly managed store staff, it is a trend to put colorful and cute accessories on a simple bag. It may be ...! We plan to introduce other staff bags in the future, so please check it out if you don't mind.

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