Ugandan fashion situation

Hello. I'm Moe Nishino, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (directly managed store).

It's getting more and more autumn, but did you get the trendy clothes for this autumn? I think there are many people who have less chance to buy clothes because it is difficult to go out due to the influence of corona.
However, because of this situation, I wear clothes that look like fluffy clothes and try to add color to my daily life as much as possible!

By the way, this time I interviewed the RICCI EVERYDAY Ugandan staff in detail and asked about the latest fashion situation in Uganda (interviews are conducted online). We will deliver plenty of fashion information from the Ugandan girls' perspective!

1. What is the trend during this rainy season?
2. Are Ugandan girls sensitive to fashion trends?
3. What does fashion mean to you?

1. What is the trend during this rainy season?

Uganda has a heavy rainy season from March to May and a light rainy season from August to November. However, despite being located just below the equator in central Africa, the average annual temperature is 23 ° C, which is a relatively comfortable climate (How to walk the earthThan).
In the rainy season, boots are the standard style for warm clothes such as coats, jackets, jumpers and sweaters. Also, on a gloomy Monday when he starts work, he uses a technique that makes it easy to coordinate and makes him look fashionable.
A trendy coordination is completed by matching a mini-length dress with boots and a matching coat. It's perfect to wear lightly even in the morning when you don't have time, and to raise your tension with your favorite dress! I think there are many people in Japan who use this one-piece technique. In addition to deciding the coordination with one piece, for some reason One Piece has a mysterious power that tickles the woman's heart!

2. Are Ugandan girls sensitive to fashion trends?

This is universal, and Ugandan girls are also sensitive to fashion trend information! Nowadays, information comes from all kinds of tools, so everyone should check it so as not to miss the trend.
Up to this point, I feel that the youth situation is universal, but what I felt during the interview wasThat every Ugandan woman knows how to charm her.. He sent me a lot of pictures of his favorite outfits, but all the women were very different in their poses and I felt confident that they would overflow from the inside. Of course, it is important to incorporate trends, but it may be a big point for them to choose clothes that enhance their goodness.

3. What does fashion mean to you?

First of all, of course, the answer is that I love fashion. It seems that he is most happy to be praised when he feels intelligence through his clothes.
Her fashion theory who answered the interview
'be smart, stylish but keep it simple'(Smart and stylish, but simple) It seems. It's the confidence and brilliance that comes out of sticking to your own style without being overly sophisticated. She is such a girlfriend, but I'm very happy to hear her say, "Where did you buy the clothes? It's wonderful!" There was also a very cute answer.

I have told you about the local fashion situation from the perspective of Ugandan girls, but how was it?
On Mondays, when I love fashion and tend to be fluttering, I try to use my technique to get a little out of coordination, lol.
You can see what they have in common with Japanese women, and you will feel a sense of intimacy!

It was a short interview, but I learned from her that fashion is just a tool for expressing herself. I personally want fashion to be something that gives me the power to get closer to what I want to be and when I want confidence. I hope you can find some daily hints through the appearance of women in Uganda.

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