Spring lightly coordinated with African -printed clothes

Hello, this is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

I went to Osaka for the first time in a pop -up the other day. I didn't know how it was, and at first I was a little anxious, but I got a lot of kindness in Osaka, and in the pop -up, I was able to meet customers who use RICCI EVERYDAY products, so I had a very good time. rice field. thank you very much.

From the end of this month to May 2, we will be in a pop -up store at Hanshin Department Store in Osaka. I would be grateful if you could visit us.

By the way, in this column, the classic colored dress and vacation dress, and the appearance after a long time,Introducing Rachel Pencil Skirt coordination.

1. Colored dress

Color dresses, the classic items, are immovable and popular. It can be used not only as a one -piece style, but also as a haori instead of a spring coat.

This time, we added a cute color dress with a large pattern with a slightly hard style, such as a white T -shirt, a black culottes skirt, and short boots, to add a cuteness and color.

Every time I walk, the silhouette of the hem fluttering in the wind is beautiful.

2. Vacation dress

Next is a vacation dress.

This time, I use new pattern items to put on orange color pants and blue American sleeve tops.

A vacation dress that plays an active part as a haori as well as coloredless.

As the name suggests, it is also recommended to bring it on a vacation and wear it on a swimsuit in the pool or the sea.

We received a voice saying, "It's very convenient when going to the sauna!"

One of the attractions is that it can be washed at home, it dries faster than a towel material such as a bathrobe, and it is easy to clean.

It's a very grateful point for no ironing.

The back style is also cute with gathers.

3. Rachel Pencil Skirt

Finally appears after a long timeRachel Pencil Skirt.

This skirt is easy to move even though it is a pencil skirt, and the line is beautiful.

I am very happy that I love the tight skirt and I am not good at it, and it is a favorite item.

A slightly neat image coordinated with a skirt with a purple shine and a blouse with a lace.

The bag was brought with a paper beads, mini party bag -yellow -like clutch.

The color matching of purple and yellow has the image of spring flowers, making it a very refreshing spring -like coordination.

sameHere are some differences in Rachel Pencil Skirt.

The bold pattern and color are also very nice here.

Combine a white T -shirt and a casual casual jacket made of dark sweatshirt material, and it is a proposal in everyday clothes than the previous coordination.

When I wear 154 mm tall, it is so length that I can see the calf a little. The legs are straight and beautiful, and it is a recommended mes skirt that matches casual and beautiful style.

The bag was combined with Square Fruit Cross Shet Basket -Natural- and coordinated with a color that has a tightening effect in lightness.

in conclusion

How was it?

African -printed clothes are easy to clean with cotton materials, especially useful in spring and summer.

The colorful and characteristic colors and designs are exciting just to look at, and it is a clothes that will make you feel happy and energetic not only for those who are wearing them, but also for those around them.

By all means, please enjoy plenty of fun season with African clothes and bags this spring and summer!

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