[Special feature] Accessories raise your body temperature by 1 ° C

hello everyone! I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. How are you?

Is it time for cherry blossoms to be in the area where you live?

I have finally seen cherry blossoms the other day! I wore light pink pants according to the pink color of the cherry blossoms. When the temperature gets warm, you will naturally want to wear colored goods ~♪

By the way, this time, the column introduces accessories developed by RICCI EVERYDAY, which is perfect for the spring and summer season.

Even those who are not good at colored clothes can easily wear a vivid accessories?

There are only cute accessories, so please take a look to the end.

table of contents

1. Japan x Uganda collaborative production

2. What is Mums Style?

3. Wish Upon a Star. Star series

Four. Just like the real thing! Grape piercing

Five. Newcomer accessories

6. last

1. Japan x Uganda collaborative production

RICCI EVERYDAY deployed Star Series, Grape Pierce, Paper Chain Earrings, Marsikaku Long Earrings, and Print Fan Earrings, by hand -handed by Uganda staff and women belonging to the Japanese NPO "Mums Style". It is made.

Uganda's staff and craftsmen tune each of the accessories parts one by one, and the woman belonging to Mums style carefully connects the parts and life as accessories.

In fact, Uganda and Japan's collaborative production are the first to develop with accessories.

One accessory has the soul of many people.

2. What is Mums Style?

The NPO corporation "Mums Style" is working on "boosting women's independence" as a mission.

We build a community in the region, circulate nature, goods, economy, and employment, creating an environment where women can easily become independent.

There are various relationships, and we are currently involved in the production of RICCI EVERYDAY accessories.

3. Wish Upon a Star. Star series

Connected the round parts wrapped in paper beads and wrapped in a flicker like a constellation.Star series

It was launched on July 7 (Tanabata) last year, named the Star Series.

It's not too flashy, but the design that gives accents is popular.

We have necklaces and pierced piercings (short long).

If you choose the print pattern and color according to the color of your birthstone, you may be able to wear it with more attachment.♪

By the way, I'm emerald, so I want to wear green and blue systems!

Four. Just like the real thing! Grape piercing

This is also a pierced earring like a grape shape, using parts wrapped in paper beads with African plints!

At first glance, you may think, "Impact stronger!?"

Some have a real grape -like color, such as purple, green, and pink, and even a color that has an impact that breaks the concept of grapes, such as blue and orange.♪

If you wear it when you pick up grapes, you may be on Instagram!

Please take a picture alongside the real grapes.

Five. Newcomer accessories

Have you already checked the three new accessories, print fan piercings, Marushikaku, long piercings, and paper chain earrings, which were newly released the other day?

It is an accessory series that has a star series and grape piercing so far.

It is characterized by using not only African plints, but also paper beads and cowhorn!

In particular, the cowhorn is used,Marushikaku Long EarringsandPrint fan piercingIs noteworthy!

Cowhorn refers to the corner of a cow.

I use Uganda's cow horns, but instead of killing the cow, I get a new life as a beautiful cowhorn, with the horns of the cows eaten for edible.

Cowhorn craftsmen carefully polish the corners one by one to make accessories parts.


A cowhorn with a tortoise -like atmosphere. It is a part full of luxury.

Marushikaku Long EarringsHamasa, "elegant" and "sophisticated" design.


It is an item that can be worn by those who are not good at colorful things.

6. last

I think accessories are "items that make you feel better when you wear them."

It is an item that tends to think that it is not necessary to be or not in forming coordination, but when you actually wear it, it is like a body temperature of 1 ° C.

The accessories developed by RICCI EVERYDAY are also items that your body temperature rises by 1 ° C.

Because it was made by various people.

We hope you enjoy the design, quality, product background, technology, and all of the accessories.

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