The combination is endless! Introducing basket x bandana arrangement techniques♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Finally, from tomorrow to April, the new year. The weather is cold if you think that the warm days have continued ... It feels like Sankan and 4 temperature, but how are you all? Is there anyone who is sick of your physical condition? I think it's time to catch a cold. Please love yourself.

By the way, in this column, we will introduce stylish arrangement techniques using the new "Fruit Cross Shet Basket" series and bandana that arrived on March 31 (Fri)!

There are a total of three colorful basket bags "Fruit Cross Shet Basket" series.



A horizontally long and easy -to -use fruit black shirt basket (¥ 10,120).

Square fruits and shocket baskets (¥ 11,550), which are large size and fashionable.

Mini -sized mini -fruit black shocket basket (¥ 7,920)

Combine these baskets and bandana of African plastic lint to introduce arrangement techniques that will become more gorgeous and more personal baskets!

Arrangement ⓵: "Tot"


Isn't it the easiest arrangement? Just tie the bandana to the handle of the bag!

The volume of the bag is also improved, giving a gorgeous atmosphere. The point is that it can be easily replaced! It is good to choose a bandana according to the mood at that time.♪

Personally, it is cute and my favorite to connect to a mini fruit black shirt basket!

Arrangement ②: "Wrap"


Wrap the bandana around the end of the handle to the other edge. Please tie the end once and stop.

This arrangement was very nice to apply to any basket!



Arrangement ③: "Lay"


Arrangement that uses bandana like an inner bag of a bag.

This arrangement technique is outstandingly compatible with fruit black shet baskets.

Just tie the two ends of the bandana diagonal to each handle, and then shape them.

If this arrangement is made, the details will not fall from the basket gaps, so the appearance and functionality will increase, and it is two birds with one stone.♪

in conclusion

How was it?

I enjoyed thinking about the combination of basket color and bandana pattern, and I was excited while arranging. The combination is endless!

A basket of a basket bag that can be used from now to summer, and a bandana of African prints that can be used for a wide range of applications. I hope you can enjoy your own fashion by combining your favorite colors and patterns.

Both are March 31st (Friday) todayonline storeWe are in stock♪Please take a look!

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