Trend mini bag you want to accompany you♡

Hello. This is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Did you all see cherry blossoms?

Recently, I have been out without any particular business to see the cherry blossoms.

If it's warm, you'll want to go out.

Introducing a mini bag with an outstanding trendy feeling that you want to take for such an outing.♪

table of contents

1. Introduction of bags

2. Finally

1. Introduction of bags

The first onePaper beads and colorful bags

Beads made of beads are sure to be eye -catching with a unique impression.

In particular, I personally like this green color.

Not only black but also brown is perfect!

A color that goes well with many colors is precious!

A green that not only gets used to it, but also plays a role in determining coordination at once.

it's recommended!

The second isAkello Pochette

The coordination unified with orange and navy is very cute♡

Holding it as a handbag without wearing a strap gives an impression like a clutch bag.

I am more handbags than shoulder bags when I look beautiful.

I feel like I have a feeling of formal.

The Akeropo Shet is not only for such beautiful clothes, but also for casual clothes.

The 3rd one,Mini Akello

I want to bring a lot, but I want to make my bag smaller! It is recommended for anyone who wants.

The size of the tumbler is also perfect.

In addition, the Akero series has many patterns.

It's fun to find your favorite pattern from among them, and it's fun to choose what you want to match while thinking about your own clothes.

Any pattern is brown, so it can be harmonious with various types of clothes.

The fourth isHope bag

A bag made by gathering African plinting.

The color of the entire bag differs depending on what kind of hugile you use.

The bag in this photo is very cute with light blue and vivid pink!

The strap is also wrapped around the chain and is fashionable.

During the day, you can use a diagonal bag, and a shoulder bag for dinner.

It is a bag that can be formal and casual depending on how you match.

2. Finally

How was it?

I would be happy if I had a mini bag that I would like to bring on your outing.♪

RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka ShowroomThen, you can actually use the bag in your hand and in a mirror!

By all means, please feel free to come.

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