Recommended for spring walks! Introducing a convenient bag with both hands

Hello everyone. It is a RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

In Tokyo, it snowed last week, and there are still cold days, but on a windless day, it came out on warm days.

Department stores and apparel shops are full of spring clothes, and I'm looking forward to the fashionable seasonal fashion.

This time, we will introduce small and excellent bags that are perfect for such spring walks.


table of contents

1. Moshet

2. Wallet bag 

3. Akeropo Shet 38

Four. Paper beads smartphone shoulder

Five. last

1. Moshet

Introducing the first thing to introduce is a moshet, which is easy to use, making it easy to take out smartphones, key cases, IC cards, etc.


The outside has a zippered pocket and a pocket that makes it easy to take out things, making it easy to organize small items.

It is a perfect item to take it diagonally and take it for a walk.

It is also recommended to use it to a large bag and use it for traveling or going out.

2. Wallet bag

Next is a wallet bag with a fun combination of denim and African print.


The most important feature of a wallet bag is the high storage capacity!


On both sides on the outside, there is a card -sized pocket, zipper pocket, pen holder, etc. inside as shown in the photo, and there are about 10 pockets. And it has a removable strap. It is an excellent item that you can go out with this one!

Popular items from young customers who say "very convenient to bring them to live" and seniors from seniors who say, "This can also be a substitute for a wallet, and you can get a lot of consultation tickets." is.

3. Akeropo Shet 38

Next is the Akero Shet 38. This is also a recommended item for shopping and walking in your neighborhood.


This is also very convenient with a length adjustable strap.


It is easy for customers who have a large size African plastic bag to be a little excited.

It is also a bag that can be used for large bag -in -bags.

4.Paper beads smartphone shoulder

Lastly, I will introduce a paper beads and smartphone -shoulder.


The smartphone -shoulder with colorful and cute colored colored colored colored color is perfect for future coordination accents.

If you bring it to the main bag with an accessory feeling, the fashionable degree is likely to be improved.

Four. last

This time, we delivered the perfect item for a spring walk.

When it gets warm, you feel better and you want to incorporate colorful items.

I think that small -sized items are easy to coordinate and take in.

Please enjoy spring fashion as soon as possible!