Great success from winter to spring! Let's have spring with camel -colored leather


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY! How are you?

Spring days will continue in the last few days, and spring will come soon? You can feel the turn of the season as much as you think.

Is there anybody who is preparing for spring clothes soon?

This time, we will send you a special feature on camel -colored leather items that are perfect for spring to spring.♪

table of contents

1. Going out and going to work -Akero leather-

2. Elegant spring -Naroho bag-

3. Soft playful -balloon bag-

Four. last

1. Going out and going to work -Akero leather-

Newly released in 2023Akero leather

This is the leather version of the Akero bag series, the icon of RICCI EVERYDAY!

Because it is a square shape, it is a square shape, so it has a tight impression, but the camel color is a softer image.

When combined with a slightly heavier down, the coordination is light at a stretch.


If you wear the one with a cowhorn on the handle, it will give you an elegant image.


Outstanding with pastel colors reminiscent of spring! !


Spring is still chilly, so you can see from this photo that incorporating camel colors will give you a warm atmosphere.

2. Elegant spring -Naroho bag-

Popular because it can be used for both companies and outingNaroho bag

After all, it is characterized by a round cowhorn attached to the center of the bag and accent.


When combined with the rape blossom color yellow, the camel color becomes even more familiar.

Surprisingly and surprising! It goes well with pink, which is said to be the trend color of this year.♪


The pink saturation is high, so if you put in the camel color, the balance of the contrast is just right ...♡

3. Soft playful -balloon bag-

It features a round shapeBalloon bag。 Like the name, it is a playful bag with a cute balloon -like marine.


In the spring, combined with a fluffy and fluffy skirt, it matches the atmosphere of the balloon bag.

Every time I walk, the skirts and bags sway and move softly, so it's cute.♡


In the cold winter, it's OK even if you go down!

If you combine it with a brown item, it will come out lightness.

Four. last

What did you think?

Please try camel color from this winter to spring.♪

I want to have a fun spring with light feelings and steps this spring.