Active in a wide range of scenes! Introducing Akero Leather Corde♪


hello everyone. It is a RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

A large cold wave comes, and the very severe cold is covering all over Japan. It seems that there are many areas where heavy snowfall falls. How about the area where you live?

Please be warm.     

By the way, this time I will introduce coordination using Akero leather.

The outside of the bag is leather, and the inside is a unique and gorgeous Akero bag that is unique and gorgeous.

It is a bag that is easy to match with any coordination, so I am glad if you can read it to the end.

table of contents

1. Akero Leather Camel

2. Akero leather black

3. last

1. Akero Leather Camel

The first is coordination using Akero leather camel.

Camel is a very gentle and elegant color. It is perfect not only for fall and winter, but also for spring clothes.


Coordinated with a transparent dress. It is an impression that it does not become too tight and does not become too casual.


If you change the way you hold it, the image will change again.



The handle part has a cowhorn surface and a surface that is not attached, so it is also a point that you can use it properly depending on your preference and coordination!

This is what I personally think is very good.


The side with a cowhorn still feels luxurious or gorgeous!

The next coordination imagined the work scene in pants style.


Camel -colored bags can give a bright atmosphere when coordinating coats and dark colors.



It is also possible to change the way you hold it with the attached strap.

It is also a nice point that the width of the coordination is expanded, and it can be convenient and comfortable when luggage increases.



The inside of the bag used this time was an eye pattern bag. When you take out your luggage, you will feel brighter.

And it has a pocket and has excellent functionality.

2. Akero leather black

Next is coordination using Akero leather black.

Black has a very cool impression than camel.

At first I combined it with a colorful skirt.



It is an impression that the bag is both coordinating and points.


Akero leather cowhide is smooth, very soft, and very light! !

The leather bag had a heavy image, but it is very easy to hold without such a thing.


Wearing a coat and changing the way I hold it, I had the impression that I had a more luxurious feeling.

You can also use it in the outing outfit scene.

The next coordination is a little more aware of spring -conscious casual style.


Parker, navy pants, sneaker style.

I think that you can adjust the strap and take it nicely when traveling by bicycle.


Since there is a switch in the middle of the glossy leather and the middle of the bag itself, there is a three -dimensional effect, so it can be matched to a casual style without being too heavy.


3. last

This time, we introduced coordination using Akero leather.

The colorful and unique Akero series using African plints is also very attractive, but the Akero leather with African print inside is a simple leather bag at first glance.

But the inside is actually very gorgeous and unique! This duality is very attractive.

And with a strap, it can be used in various ways, and as introduced this time, the width of the coordination expands very much.

I hope that you can have this bag and show your hidden power.

I think the cold days will continue, but I hope you can enjoy shopping by using online stores and online customers.

Even if it's cold, if you're fashionable, you'll be a little cheerful, your heart will be exciting and your body and heart will be a little warm.

I would be glad if RICCI EVERYDAY can help you with your fashion!

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