A must -see for those who are lost! Gorgeous winter outfits with paper beads and smartphone shoulders♪


hello everyone. It is a RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

It's winter -like, cold days continue, but how are you all?
It seems that heavy snow continues on the Sea of ​​Japan side and the Tohoku region. Please be careful.

I love summer and I'm not good at cold, so I'm already thinking, "I wonder if it's going to be early."

It was a competition skiing club from elementary school to university, but I am not good at cold ...

By the way, this time, I tried to coordinate using a paper beads and smartphone shoulder. A cute paper beads smartphone shoulder made with a lot of paper beads carefully made one by one.

Coordination is introduced by color and design variations, so please enjoy it to the end.

table of contents

1. Jagged red & pink

2. Jagged turquoise & yellow

3. Flower / pink-

Four. Flowers / yellow 

Five. last

1. Jagged red & pink

At first, coordinates using jagged red & pink-.

A rough knit of a black one piece was combined with a white turtleneck.

Black x white x red / pink is definitely a combination of colors that match. Perfect when you want to coordinate with a cute impression.


If you combine the sweater from the top of the dress, you can wear it in a skirt style and enjoy a different coordination than when you wear it with a single piece.

2. Jagged green & peppermint

Next is jagged green & peppermint.


This is also coordinated according to the dress.

Smartphone -shoulder may have a lot of casual impressions, but paper beads and smartphone shoulders are perfect for adult generations because they are a bit of a neat styling and coordination.

3. Flower / pink

This is designed with a very cute flower, so I made it a denim style and a casual style.


Paper beads and smartphone shoulders can put as much as a smartphone or towel handkerchief.


It is a perfect item that is perfect for a walk or a walk.

4. Flowers / yellow

The last coordination is coordinating with flowers and yellow.


A casual style that combines a simple gray turtleneck sweater with a flower -like pattern pants.

Flowers and yellow paper beads and smartphone -shoulders are also enhanced coordination and have a tightening effect.


The loose pants material and design are a bit too "room dressing feeling", and there are times when it gets too casual, but in such a case, you can change the impression with small items such as bags and shoes.

Not only smartphone shoulders but also petit bags, paper beads and smartphone shoulders can be adjusted to various coordination.

Four. last

This time, we introduced coordination using paper beads and smartphone shoulders. How was that.

"Smartphone shoulder" was also in the top 10 buzzword awards this year. There are various smartphone -shoulders, but the paper beads and smartphone shoulders are items carefully made by the workshop craftsmen.

Last month, it was held at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom,Workshop to make paper beadsI also participated, but I was able to realize again that making paper beads is really difficult.

The number of beads that I rounded in one hour was only four ... and a distorted shape.

I felt that the paper beads that cut the paper to the same size, roll it into the same size, make it beads, and knit it throughout by one is the result of the craftsmen's skills and effort. 。

It is one of the items that you want to pick up.

I guess the holiday season will be near and the opportunity to go out will increase.

Please enjoy fashionable out with the paper beads and smartphone shoulder!

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