Fashion more fun with Gift from Trash!

hello everyone. This is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

What is your stress relief and breathtaking method? Suddenly, the other day, I thought about that, and I wondered what my breath was, and what kind of thing was being changed.

I'm not particularly special, but I'm looking forward to going to the place I want to go to eat delicious food with my friends who are also colleagues once a month.

After a little time, it's a good time to go to a nearby park to the picnic with simple bread and drinks.

If you have the opportunity, I would be glad if you could tell me how to change your mind!

By the way, this time, I will introduce the autumn and winter coordination using the GIFT from Trash collection items.

We hope that you can enjoy the Goodwill Bag and Hope bag of the Gift from Trash collection, which are unique to design and color.

table of contents

1. Brown Corde x Goodwill Bag

2. Navy Corde x Hope Bag

3. Camouflage Turle Skirt x Hope Bag

Four. Leopard Skirt x Hope Bag

Five. lastly

1. Brown Corde x Goodwill Bag

First of all, it is an introduction of a goodwill bag. This is a tote bag made using a used clothing market and a fabric hagilly that came out in the production process in Uganda Kobo.

"Goodwill" means "good intentions". Uganda's old -fashioned clothing market was up -cycle of denim gathered as "good intentions" and "donations" from around the world. Is that good intention really for someone? Are you not squeezing someone's life? Such feelings are included in this bag.

The design is gorgeous and the colorful bag of the hagilly part will be the leading role of coordination just by holding this.

This time, I tried to coordinate according to the brown coordinates. Brown coordination is nice like autumn, but it can be a little heavy or too hard.
In such a case, it may be a good idea to make the bag a little casual.



Goodwill bags can add a casual feeling. One of the features is that the same thing cannot be made because it is a bag that uses a hagire. You can enjoy the unique fashion.

2. Navy Corde x Hope Bag

Next is Hope bag.

Hope bags are made by connecting the African plinting hagilles that appeared during the product production process.The attached chain is also applied, adding more gorgeousness to the bag. Depending on how you put it on, it will also be a diagonal bag or shoulder bag.     



Hope bag was combined with navy coordinates.

Combine a colorful hope bag with a navy coordination with a strong image of work and style.


Hope bags are designed and shaped that match your work style and styling with a good feeling, so you can use it in a wide range of coordination.

3. Camouflage Turle Skirt x Hope Bag

I tried to put a hope bag with a tulle skirt, which is also available this season.


If the skirt with a slightly larger pattern with the color tone is suppressed, it will be a pattern ON pattern and it will not give a noisy impression, and colorful bags will enhance.


Isn't it a perfect item for the coming holiday season?

Four. Leopard Skirt x Hope Bag

The last coordination is the coordination tailored to the Leopard pattern skirt.


I often see Leopard pattern items this season. Although it is a leopard pattern with a flashy and difficult image, it is recommended to incorporate it with your favorite items because various size and color have appeared.
There are a lot of adult cute items, and when I noticed, three Leopard pattern items were increasing (laughs).


You can remove the chain and use it as a clutch bag.

The impression changes.

It can also be used as a party bag.


Four. lastly

I introduced the coordination using the GIFT from Trash collection, but how was it?

This time, I dared to coordinate with a pattern skirt and a clear colored clothes instead of simple clothes.

Simple clothes are definitely good for goodwill bags and hope bags!

But not only that, I would like to enjoy the matching with colored goods and patterns more, so this time I introduced such coordination.

There is no correct answer in fashion.

Color diagnosis and skeletal diagnosis have become very familiar, making it easier to understand what suits you.

But I feel that I want you to cherish your own "favorite, favorite design" and "favorite color".

For example, bring a color that suits your face, and then coordinate with your favorite color, add your favorite color with accessories ... "It looks good" and "do not look good", but "How do you enjoy your fashion?" I think "!" Is also an important factor.

Please enjoy fashion with care of your "like".

I hope RICCI EVERYDAY will help you enjoy your fashion more.


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