Autumn coordination showdown with popular items! Are you stylish? Casual school?

Hello everyone, I'm Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It is around this time that I am shocked by the uproar of a certain idol group, how are you all doing? I can't help but hope that all the idols and the fans can live happily...

Now, take care, and in this column, I will introduce coordination using Balloon bag and Suzie tote.

Balloon bag that has appeared this fall and Suzie tote that is a classic item of RICCI EVERYDAY. Autumn coordination confrontation using popular new and old items! Which do you like?

I hope you can read it to the end♪

1. Stylish with Balloon bag

2. Casual with Suzie Tote

3. in conclusion

1. Stylish with Balloon bag

Introduced from the coordination using a balloon bag, which features a stylish form and cow horn.

I tried to coordinate with the image of a European boy♪

Coordination in boyish,Balloon bag -camel-The beige color makes you feel soft.

There is also a leather handle, so you can hang your arms!

By the way, blue x beige is a combination of trends. Please try the trend with balloon bag -camel- ~♪

Next,Balloon bag -Black-Coordination using.

The drawstring -shaped balloon bag casually down the jacket style.

It goes well with the over -size jacket and the relaxed silhouette of a long skirt.

(This skirt is on RICCI EVERYDAYRandom tack skirtis)

The balloon bag is also a hidden point that the inside is African plastic.

I forgot to take the inner photo. Please check from This column!

2. Casual with Suzie Tote

Ricci Everyday's classic bag, Suzie Tote. The point is the shape that is easy to use everyday and the casual denim.

I tried to assemble the pattern x pattern coordinates with Suzie Tote S

With a pink check shirt jacket, Eye Orange White & White Blue Sweet Auto SI matched. At first glance it is a difficult combination, but if you have the same color, it will be surprisingly familiar!

Denim plays a cushioning role and does not feel noisy with a pattern x pattern.

I tried to make it a sporty feeling with Parker and Suzie Tote L.

Suzie tote L is perfect not only for everyday use, but also when you have a lot of luggage such as gym and leisure.

It is a good thing about a suite suit that makes you familiar with flashy clothes. Versatile!

You can also put your shoulders♪

Please update your usual casual outfit with Suzie Tote!

3. in conclusion

Which of you would like, the coordination showdown using Balloon bag and Suzie tote? It's hard to win or lose ... Let's say that they were all wonderful! lol

Whether you want to be stylish and want to enjoy casually, we hope you can provide RICCI EVERYDAY items to your daily life. Please try various items by all means.

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