AkelloFall / winter coordinates to enjoy using 38!

Hello everyone. This is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

If you think that the remaining heat is severe, it suddenly gets cold and it looks like winter as early as autumn.

Are you feeling sick?

This time, we will introduce the coordination using the 38 series of Akero Bag 38, which is perfect for fall and winter.

It will be a point of coordination and you will be able to enjoy a different fashion. I hope you can refer to it.

table of contents

1. Denim dress x mini -kero 38

2. Black Kart x Blue Car Digan x Mini Kero 38

3 check pattern pants x pink cardigan x Akero -shet 38

Four. Blacks Kart x Cur Digan x Mini Kero 38

  1. lastly

1. Denim dress x mini -kero 38

Denim material that sees various items this season. Denim dresses are convenient and useful items that determine coordination just by wearing one piece. Therefore, you may always feel the same coordination.

In such a case, try adding one point with an African plastic bag.

Mini -kero 38 with orange, yellow, and purple color.

The dark colored denim dress can be worn more like autumn and winter. If you link to the bag using an orange color in the accessories, the coordination will be a coordinated impression.

Mini AkelloSince the shape of 38 is vertical, the coordination of the image that the entire styling is smooth with a vertical effect is finished.

2. Black Kart x Blue Car Digan x Mini Kero 38

A slightly thick jersey black cart that can be used for both casual style and work style. This is a really good skirt that can be used other than midsummer, and if you find a similar skirt, you should definitely bring one! And my push item.

This time, I tried to make it a little casual style with a simple blue cardigan and sneakers.

Blue is also used in the color of the mini -kero 38 used, so it is a point of coordination, but it does not give the impression that only the bag has floated.

If you use it in a handbag style, it will be coordinated with an adult casual image.

The Akero 38 series, which can change the way of holding the bag and change the impression of the styling, is very excellent!

3. Check pattern pants x pink cardigan x Akeropo Shet 38

The check pattern is a trend this season. I often see skirts and pants and want one skirt.

This time, I also coordinated the trendy pink cardigan on the check pattern pants.

It is a style where you can enjoy the pattern ON pattern using a shirt with a slightly larger pattern on the inner.

Akello Pochette38 is a classic high -life pattern.

This is a bag that is easy to match with any color coordination because it is brown and blue.

If you add a contrast rhythm to the size of the handle, and coordinate each item with the color of each item, the coordination of the pattern and the pattern will be united.
I would be glad if you could enjoy coordination using patterns referring to here.

I love pattern clothes, so I want everyone to try it.

Four. Blacks Kart x Cur Digan x Mini Kero 38

The last coordination is a black skirt used in the coordination of mini -kero 38.

This is a coordination to enjoy a gorgeous red cardigan and yellow & orange eye pattern pochette to enjoy colorful colorful.

If you change the way you hold it, you can change from a casual to a slightly mature image.

The image changes just by changing the cardigan and the bag. I feel that it is good for African printing to change the coordination like this.

Four. lastly

Mini Akello38. How was the fall and winter coordination using Akero Shet 38?

Even if you don't have a lot of clothes and bags at hand, I feel that you can enjoy it infinitely depending on the combination and how to hold it.

Because I love clothes and fashion, I would like to enjoy coordination that makes use of my favorite clothes, bags and accessories.

If you are worried about how to adjust the bag or coordinate, please come to the showroom or use online customers to consult with the staff! (Reservation for visitsHerefrom)

I would like to enjoy fashion with you, so please call us.

Let's spend a lot of fashion and happy with a lot of fashion, taking care of our physical condition this fall and winter! !