The Long-awaited New Clothes! Make the leading role in the autumn outfit

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCIEVERYDAY! How have you been doing?

It's the season when coffee is delicious! It's a nice season for me who loves coffee♡

And it's also a fun season to be fashionable!

"I haven't attacked fashion recently ...! I'll attack!"

It was around this time I thought (laughs)

So, this time we will introduce the new clothes items that have arrived today!

Please accompany autumn fashion.♪

table of contents

1. New item! Colorful knit cardigan

2. Put the color dress in the autumn breeze!

3. Lightly legs with a random tax cart

4. Lastly

1. New item! Colorful knit cardigan

The colorful knit cardigan, which is nostalgic for the 70s -style crochet knitting, is full!

This cardigan is available in two types.

Crochet knitting is a trendy item from last year to this season, so it is a must -see!

In fact, this item, Uganda's writer, was made by hand.

When the representative Nakamoto went to a POP UP in Uganda, he happened to meet!

She is a famous Instagrammer in Uganda who makes pretty bags using beads, in addition to knitwear.

Please look forward to the cardigan full of her sense.

There are two types of cardigans we are selling this time.

① Colorful cardigan oversize Silhouette Green

This is a one-tone cardigan.

It looks a little voluminous, and it feels warm when you wear it.

Another feature is the long hem length. If you wear it loosely, it will give off a relaxed vibe.

② Colorful cardigan Long Crochetto Mosa

You can feel the craftsmanship from elaborate patterns made using multiple wools!

This pattern is the traditional crochet knitting pattern!

This cardigan is longer than the previous one.

Once this cardigan is added to the outfit, the whole outfit becomes gorgeous!

Every time you walk, the hem moves fluttering and it creates an atmosphere♡

The colorful knit cardigan can onlu be purchased through a reservation. 

We are accepting orders until November 6 (Sun). Do not miss!

Delivery is scheduled around the first half of December.

By all means, how about a cardigan as an early Christmas gift?

2. Put the color dress in the autumn breeze!

This time, Color dress, a popular item in the RICCI EVERYDAY clothes series, is also available, so we will introduce this!

It is a versatile item that can be used as a dress and a long length.

The patterns that appeared this time are four types here.

Coloredless -Eye Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange-

Colorudeless -Big Flower Red & Blue-

Colorudeless -High Life Light Blue-

Colorlessness -Fantasy-

It is a perfect pattern for the landscape of autumn leaves.

If you wear it, you will want to turn around without thinking.♪

In autumn, it is good to match it with a turtleneck!

3. Lightly legs with random tack skirts

The random tack skirt is a skirt with a tack on the waist as the name suggests.

Similar to Abu Davi Gather skirts, random tack skirts have a slightly refreshing impression.

This time, there are four types of patterns here.

Random Tack Skirt -Eye Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange-

Random Tack Skirt -High Life Light Blue-

Random Tack Skirt -Big Flower Red & Blue-

Random tack skirt -fantasy-

If you make the bottoms part of the coordination gorgeous, the whole coordination will be a gorgeous image.

The legs are lighter and it may be perfect for a walk in autumn.

4. Lastly

How was it?

From the new colorful knit cardigan to the popular colored dress and random taxes, it has been a luxurious lineup.

Why don't you aim for fashion that you attacked with me this fall? (Laughs)

Let's wear your favorite clothes and raise your mood! !

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