Fits any coordination! Introducing the autumn coordinates of paper bead bags♪

Hello, I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

Cool days have increased in September. I am glad that it is easier to work during the day.

Now! This time, I incorporated the paper bead bag into the autumn coordination.

The items used arePaper beads and colorful bagsWhenPaper beads two -tone bagis.

Introducing two coordinates with different atmosphere!

1. Casual style

2. Soft elegant style

3. At the end

1. Casual style

I put an accent in a casual monotone coordination with a paper beads and colorful bag.

By adding 2022 trendy vivid green to black x denim, which tends to be heavy, it adds brightness to the coordination.

I think the coordination of denim and paper beads is good, and it has become an invisible coordination even in casual.

2. Soft elegant style

By combining the same tone paper beads and two -tone bags with a soft elegant dress, you can create a completely different atmosphere from the previous coordination.

The drape on the skirt gives a cute impression to the bag.

3. At the end

How was two coordinates with different atmosphere?

It is a bag that can be blended into any coordination with paper beads and colors.

EveryonePaper bead bagWhat kind of coordination do you build?

Please tell our staff on SNS etc.♪

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