How do you match? Summer outfit and suji

Hello, this is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

The weather has been somewhat refreshing since the rainy season, but how are you all spending?


This column theme isA combination of denim fabric and African plinting bags, suzie tote. I think that you can enjoy different coordination and usage from the Akero series.I would be happy if you could read it to the end.

1. Sweet table L

2.Suzie Tote Mini 

3. in conclusion

1. Sweet table L

First of all, I will introduce the susuit suit L-Lily-.

A tote bag featuring the contrast between dark blue and gentle lavender color and sky blue color.

The tops are coordinated with pants made of dull pink pink sleeveless and ground color pants according to the lavender color of the bag.

Even with coordinating patterns, some suji nations are partially denim material, so it is easy to match.

In that case, if you combine the color of the clothes with the clothes and the color and tone of the bag African plint, the feeling of unity will be improved, so please try it.

The next is this.

A one-piece dress with a colorful hand-drawn pattern is combined with a suji note L-high-life light green.

This is also finished with a one -piece green and a bag of the bag to coordinate with the image of a summer resort.

If it's about a one -night trip, a suite -table L, which is just the right size, will play an active part on the future summer trip.

Of course, for everyday use.

Because it can be used for shoulders, it is easy even when there is a lot of luggage.

2.Suzie Tote Mini 

Next is Sweet Tote S.

I use eye orange yellow & orange pink.

Sweetoute S, which is very convenient for everyday use.

It is perfect for denim coordinates.

S size is also possible.

The next is this.

This is a coordination using suite-table S-holohoro brown & blue-.

A blue holoholo pattern shines on a bright pink skirt.

Sweetings that are easy to match with casual style also expand their coordination.

Here is the last.

I used a refreshing color striped shirt, a pink wide pants made of linen material, and a sugar nine carnival-.

As it is a loose casual style overall, it has a darker color bag to tighten the tightness and lower the loose feeling.

It is a nice bag with a colorful African plint -like color pattern.

3. in conclusion

How was it?

This timeSuzie Tote LargeWe introduced coordination using /s.

The handle uses genuine leather, and the main body is a suite suit using denim fabric and African plint.

Some people have heard that they will be too calm and easy to use, with a voice that is easy to use.

In such a case, as I introduced this time, please try to incorporate colorful clothes and patterns.

There are a lot of colorful and nice clothes with colorful and patterns this summer.

The suite table introduced this time is available at the online store.

We also have bags of various designs in addition to this, so please take a look.

Please spend a wonderful summer time.

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