Enjoy summer fashion! Summer coordinates according to the four situations♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Hot days are continuing ... It's like, but how are you all? I love summer fashion, so I am delighted in the days I can spend with one tank top!

In this column, I love summer fashion, and I will introduce the summer coordinates by situation using baskets and paper beads that are perfect for summer.♪

1. Shopping in the trendy city

2. Refresh at lunch with friends

3. Dating with a little adult atmosphere

Four. A cup of a nearby bar

Five. in conclusion

1. Shopping in the trendy city

For shopping in the topic of the topic, a colorful green with a tank top outfit that blows the heat.Square Fruit Cross Shet BasketTake me.

The coordination is organized by combining with the same tone vivid color pants.

If you are not confident in colorful coordination, use the same color somewhere to make it used! This time, the shirt wrapped around the shoulder also has green.

If you put an ecomi -diium in the basket, you can prevent the contents from seeing it, or you can use it as a sub bag when your luggage increases.

2. Refresh at lunch with friends

Lunch time with a friend who doesn't care is a valuable refreshing time that makes you forget your daily fatigue. In such a case, a one -piece relaxation silhouette dress and a natural color.Square Fruit Cross Shet BasketI recommend the combination of.

By stacking pants or incorporating African plints into the bag -in -bag, you can make a difference in your friends.

By the way, pantsRelaxing pantsThe bag -in -bagShoulder kinkichakusing♪

3. Dating with a little adult atmosphere

On a date with a partner, it has a refreshing color for a simple adult outfit.Paper beads two -tone bagMatch.

By incorporating trends casually with mermaid silhouettes and strap shirts, you can create a sophisticated atmosphere.

The point is that the paper bead bag has a surprising capacity because it is stylish with a small silhouette, but has a solid gusset.

Perfect for a date you want to carry around you with an item that prepares your grooming!

Four. A cup of a nearby bar

The bar that is worried about the usual way on the way back ... This is the coordinates (laughs)

"Neighborhood x bar = rough x elegant", with tops and shorts with natural atmosphere and heelPaper beads and colorful bagsI matched.

Speaking of paper beads bags, it is a colorful image, but it is more fashionable by choosing a chic color!

I'm somewhat happy on a summer night when I go to the neighborhood, put the minimum necessary items in a small outing bag.

With the same colorMini -fruit black -shet basketBut I tried it.

If you want to feel more natural, it's nice here.♪

Five. in conclusion

How was the summer outfit by situation using baskets and paper beads bags?

Summer is a season when you can challenge a slightly bold style than usual! Please incorporate RICCI EVERYDAY items into the coordination and enjoy the summer fashion as much as possible.

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