AkelloCoordinates in 38 series

Hello, this is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

In the rainy season, the summer solstice has passed and it's summer.

Do you have summer clothes and bags?


The column theme this time is about coordinating the renewed Akero bag and the Akero 38 series.

It has been renewed and convenient! I would like to tell you the parts that I personally felt. Please enjoy it to the end.

1.Akello Bag 4WAY 38  

2. MediumAkello 38 

3. Mini -kero 38

Four. Akero Shet 38

Five. in conclusion

1. Achero bag 4WAY 38

First of all, I will introduce Achero Bag 4WAY 38.A4This bag, which can be used in size documents and personal computers, can be used for work and in casual outfits.

Handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, and clutches can be held.

This time, it is a slightly beautiful style with a slightly beautiful skirt and peppermint green sleeveless cut -and -sew.

If you have a clutch style, you can hold it very cool.

I want to try a clutch, but I don't have the courage to buy a clutch bag.

2. MediumAkello 38

Next is mediumAkello 38. This is also a size that allows you to put items such as documents and PCs, so it is recommended not only for outing but also for commuting.


First, tote style. It's a useful style when shopping or having a sub -bag.

This is a diagonal hanging. It is an easy -to -use style when you hold hands with your child and go out or travel.

When making a tote or diagonal hanging, the Akero 38 series is very convenient because it has metal fittings that can adjust the length!
It is a nice point to be able to make it just the right length according to the height and Western style.

There are four goodness, and the range of coordination expands.

3. Mini -kero 38

Next is coordination using mini -kero 38.

It is perfect for a small outing and a walk with a compact size.
In addition to wallets, smartphones, pouches, etc., tumblers are also included.

If you hold it as a handbag style with a cute size, it is perfect for an adult cute style.

Mini Akello 38 Can also have a clutch.

I have heard from customers that I will bring it when I participate in a wedding party.

I was impressed that there was gorgeousness and the size was just right and easy to use.

I would be very happy if customers would like to teach various ideas, such as how to use them.

  1. Akello Pochette 38

The last is Akero Shet 38。 It is a popular holoholo pattern.

It goes well with a refreshing summer -like coordination.

Tote style and mature on the shoulder.

If you hang it diagonally, it will give you a casual, pop, and light impression.

Five. in conclusion

How was it?

This time Akero38We delivered coordination using the series.

The impression changes dramatically depending on how you hold the bag even in the same bag and the same clothes.

Even in the new series, it is very convenient and advantageous to be able to use it in four ways.

I would be glad if you could color your daily life in the Akero 38 series like the conventional Achero series.

The Akero 38 series, which has become more convenient and easier to use, is available online stores.

Please take a look.

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