Coordination to enjoy green items

Hello, this is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

It's a summer day, and it's a season when clothes and coordination in early summer are fun.


In this column, we will introduce the bags using green, which are the trend colors of the current term, and the points of coordination, so please enjoy it to the end.

1. Achero bag 4WAY

2. Fruit Cross Shet Basket

3. Mini -kero

Four. Paper beads two -tone bag

Five. Akero Shet

6. in conclusion

1. Achero bag 4WAY

First of all, I will introduce Achero bag 4WAY.A4This bag, which can be used in size documents and personal computers, can be used for work and in casual outfits.

This time, white Tenim with a thin blue -colored denimA shirt and earth -colored cardigan were combined.

With the green of the bag as the point, the color of the cardigan and the color used for the bag are combined, and the casual style of adults is imagined in a casual style.

Having a clutch style gives a more casual and stylish impression.

If you use it diagonally, both hands are empty, and it is very convenient for shopping.

2. Fruit Cross Shet Basket

You often see yellow items, clearly bright green clothes and bags this term.

Exactly the color of this fruit black shet basket! 


The combination was a linen dress and a red thin cardigan.

The dress is used as a linen material according to the natural basket, and the summer and summer are summery.

Colors can be enjoyed only in the warm season of green, yellow and red.

Would you like to enjoy a colorful coordination?

3. Mini -kero

Next is coordination using mini -kero.

It is a circle circle pattern that many people like.

Since the circle pattern is peared, coordinate the pattern ON pattern together with small check pants.

It is easier to coordinate by combining small pattern bags or small patterns when you wear a clear pattern.

The combination of pink and green is also recommended because it gives a very refreshing impression.


  1. Paper beads two -tone bag

Next is a paper beads two -tone bag.

Peppermint & green color is a very cute bag.


The complementary color, the opposite relationship, "Pink x Green" is a sharp and impressive color scheme.

Both colors stand out and are coordinating with a fresh and energetic impression.


As the name suggests, paper beads are cut into beads by cutting paper one by one.

This bag is made by connecting about 2,000 beads.

It takes a lot of time and effort.

Because it is firmly connected, it is solid than it looks, and it has a depth, so you can store your luggage properly.

It is used not only in everyday use but also in party scenes.

  1. Akello Pochette

The last is coordination that incorporates an Akeropo shet.

Akeropo Shet with a cute pattern like a vivid green and a cute pattern like a pod.

Cute bags are coordinated with a slightly mature atmosphere with the glossy, firm pants and navy tops.

It has a different atmosphere even with a shoulder.

It's cool to enjoy with a clutch type like this.

The Akeropo Shet is a very convenient bag -in -bag of a large bag or basket bag.

6. in conclusion

How was it?

This time, we introduced coordination to enjoy trendy green bags.

Green is a color that makes you feel nature, such as "plant", "grassland", and "forest". It is a color that grows at your own pace without being against the flow of nature.

It is a color that imagines the meaning of "safety, security", "relaxation", "healing", etc., because it has been hiding in green bushes and climbing a tree from the old days, and protecting him from the beast.

And it is easy to coordinate, and it is a color that is relatively easy to match and incorporates in colors.

Please take a look at many products using green for RICCI EVERYDAY products.

Summer is also a season when coordination of African plinting is even more fun.

Enjoy fashion coordination that incorporates trend -colored green! !

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