"RICCI EVERYDAY x PLUS VENDOME Collaboration Access" What would you like to actually put on? Review wearing!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

GW also rushed in the second half. The weather seems to be good until Sunday, and it will be a holiday day!

By the way, this time, I will tell you the feeling of wearing a limited collaboration access between RICCI EVERYDAY and Costume jewelry brand PLUS VENDOME! Let's enjoy fashion with the collaboration access to Plus Vandome, which is perfect for layering, the season when you are getting lightly clothes!

(RICCI EVERYDAY representative, Nakamoto Chizu, talks about this collaboration in a column. Please see here →In collaboration with PLUS VENDOME

1. Product line-up

2. Wearing and recommended points

3. in conclusion

1. Product line-up

Plus Vendome × RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Pure White 4 Piece Set / ¥ 16,500
Plus Vendome × RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Pink Flamingo 4 -piece Set / ¥ 16,500

It is a set of two ear cuffs, ball chain necklace, and RICCI EVERYDAY Mia pouch. The color -coated ear cuffs can also be used as a ring.

The pattern of the porch is recommended because it is limited to this collaboration, and it has a reusable item.♪

Plus Vendome × RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Lake Blue / ¥ 11,000

Ear cuff 2 -piece set. The combination of silver and mint blue creates a cool and elegant atmosphere.

Plus Vendome × RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Pure White Necklace / ¥ 13,200

Long -length necklace. The white color coating will casually down the gorgeous impression of gold.


Plus Vendome × RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Pure White Bracelet / ¥ 13,200

A chain bracelet with a trend. You can become a fashionable advanced person just by incorporating it into the coordinates.

Plus Vendome × RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Pure White Earrings / ¥ 9,900

Earrings with gorgeous faces. In addition to pure white, there are also pink flamingo and lake blue.



Please choose your favorite color♪

2. Wearing and recommended points

Then, I would like to review the recommended points that I actually wore!

Recommended Points ①: Easy to give a sense of unity

Set items are recommended because you can easily create a sense of unity without having to worry about the combination of accessories.


Those who do not usually use accessories can easily incorporate them into the outfit.

With a set, even if you choose a different color than usual, you can use it without floating.

Recommended points ②: Elegant even if you add a lot

You can enjoy it with items other than the set items and your accessories.

Moreover, the design is delicate, so even if you layer a lot, it will be elegant.


Combined in the same series.


Even if you combine the silver access and gold on hand, it became familiar. Even if you add so much, you have to say, "As expected, Plus Vendome ...!"


It was a good feeling to combine with accessories of the same color! This layering combined with a hoop earring is my favorite personally.♪

3. in conclusion

How was it?

Collaboration access to Plus Vendome and RICCI EVERYDAY, which is elegant even in casualness. It is an item that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are worried, please get this opportunity.♪

It is also recommended for gifts for loved ones, such as Mother's Day and birthday.

RICCI EVERYDAY online storeYou can purchase it from the Daikanyama direct store and the online store of Plus Vendome.

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