I want to incorporate trend colors into Akero Corde! Introducing 5 models♪

Hello, this is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.
The cherry blossom season is over in Tokyo and Kanto, and the beauty and pleasant breeze of fresh greenery feel refreshed.
Do you enjoy spring fashion?

In this column, we will tell you about Achero fashion and coordination that incorporate trend colors in the spring / summer 2022, so please enjoy it.

1. Achero bag 4WAY x purple
2. Medium Akero x Yellow
3. Mini -kero x green
Four. Akero Shet x Green
Five. Akeroyoko x Pink
6. in conclusion

1. Achero bag 4WAY x purple

First of all, we introduce purple.
This color is a cool impression and a feminine impression and makes the skin color look beautiful. And it is a versatile color that is easy to match with other colors.
This time, I put black pants with lavender color tops.
Lavender color is perfect for sweet coordination, but when combined with black, it is a color that can be used for an adult casual style.

The combined holoholo bird pattern Achero bag 4WAY adds coolness.

It is recommended that the clutch is further improved by clutching.

2. Medium Akero x Yellow

Yellow item, this spring is a particularly common color to see.
Do you have yellow items?

What I thought was the best in this coordination was this coordination.

Lemon yellow hoodie, black skirts, and bagsAkello -Wild flower yellow & blue-.
The color of the outer material, the lining yellow, and the color of the hoodie are combined.

It seems that there were many coordinates to wear with the whole body yellow in the runway of the current term, but it is recommended because it is easy to incorporate if it is used as an accent with a small item such as a bag or a bag.
And yellow is particularly compatible with black and gray, so why not try it as an accent of monotone coordinates?

3. Mini -kero x green

Next is green.
Following the last season, the green is a popular color this year. There are plenty of variations, from vivid neon systems to calm green.

One of the recommended one -tone coordination of the whole body green is recommended for giving this year. If you are not good at one -tone coordinates, if you are not good at one -tone coordination like this green coordination, please try it.

For the inner, the same pink color as the mini -kero -Big Eye Passion Pink & Green is added to add springiness.

4. Akero Shet x Green

The Akeropo Shet also matched the green coordination.

A secret key brown & green Akeropo Shet on a dress with a green eye.

The one -piece one has a very strong presence, so if you choose a smaller bag and a colored tone, it will be a little elegant coordination.

Changing how to hold and hanging using a strap will make it easier to use and expand the range of coordination.

5. Akeroyoko x Pink

The last is coordination that incorporates pink.

The pink color that makes you feel good and happy is a popular spring / summer color.
This season is a more smoky and chic adult pink.
The trend is not only a pretty feminine and cute "pink that is not sweet.

In this coordination, we incorporated Akeroyoko -sunrise / brown-- and coordinated the same color gradation with pink.

If you hang it diagonally, it will be a casual style at once.

6. in conclusion

How was it?
This time, we introduced coordination to enjoy trend colors using the Achero series.

It is a world where various problems and painful situations such as Corona infection and Ukrainian invasion continue, but I would like to enjoy fashion and express in fashion.

Do you know the "Supool", a group called "the world's most stylish men", which uses 40 % of the average annual income for overseas luxury brand clothes?
Their common thoughts are "pioneering the road in fashion."
One of the words of a supplement member is very impressive, saying, "There is no violent member of the Sapool. No one wants a fight. We have all peace."

Supool people who express their thoughts in fashion and their own behavior in conflict, poverty, and various difficulties.
Isn't it time for people around the world to keep this expression in mind now?

I would like to continue to convey the fun of fashion while praying for the peaceful and calm days of Japan and the world.

Please enjoy the spring and summer trendy fashion coordination that incorporates African plints! !

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