Choose what you like and make your new life positive! Summary of bags perfect for commuting / school

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's already late in March. If you think that a quarter of the year is about to end (!), I feel that it is too early to pass.

By the way, in this column, we will introduce a perfect bag for commuting and school for the new life season. There are many RICCI EVERYDAY bags that combine design and functionality, so check it out!

Why don't you start a new life in a RICCI EVERYDAY bag?

1. For those who carry a PC

2. For those who have less luggage

3. in conclusion

1. For those who carry a PC

① Akello Bag 4WAY

This Akero bag 4WAY is recommended for those who have a lot of luggage among Akero bags. It is convenient because it comes with a pouch and strap. You can hold it like a tote bag with a strap, so it is safe even on days with a lot of luggage!

I also love it every day♪

② Suzie Tote Large

A suite suit that matches leather and denim to African plastic. The L size is a feeling of size that can fit PCs, documents, books, etc. firmly.


Because the gusset is wide and independent, it is easy to organize and organize in the bag!

③ Eco

A PC enters the eco bag! ? You may think that. However, RICCI EVERYDAY's eco -friendly eco -lining is durable, so it is okay to put something with heavy PCs and books.

It is also attractive that the outer pockets and inner pockets are substantial♪

④ Zakuzakto

Large -capacity Zakuzakto tote with considerable luggage. You can go out with a single bag even if you learn after work or after school. On a day when your luggage is small, it's also fashionable to have a dare.


This bag also has a lot of pockets, so you can prevent the details from getting lost!

⑤ Naroho bag


Naroho bag, a big favorite of commuting bags. "" Utilizing sustainable materials and Uganda craftsmanship "NAWOLOVUIt is a leather bag that appeared from the line.


When you open the bag, you can see the African plint, so it is a very difficult mechanism ... Choose your favorite pattern and appeal to your "Silent Passion"!

2. For those who have less luggage

① Akello Yoko

Akeroyoko is convenient because it becomes a tote bag and a diagonal bag with a strap. With a casual form, just holding it smoothly makes the coordination cool.

The PC is also a large size, so it is convenient when luggage increases on a supermarket or convenience store on the way home.

Of course, a pouch is also included♪

② Suzie Tote Mini

S -size of suite! You can store necessary items, such as my bottles and folding umbrellas. It is a feeling of size that can also fit tablets and books.

③ Iigauto



It is a very easy -to -use tote bag, as the name of the "Eiga Tote" is soft. Documents and tablets are also included.

3. in conclusion

How was it? A new life starting in spring, a colorful bag of RICCI EVERYDAY, please start positively and yourself.♪

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