RICCI EVERYDAY clothes dressing♪If you balance at your feet, everything works!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I thought it was warm, and the cold came back ... aren't you feeling sick? I feel that this is exactly what Sankan 4 temperature is.

By the way, in this column, I will introduce how to wear RICCI EVERYDAY clothes.

By just devising the balance between shoes and clothes, you can incorporate RICCI EVERYDAY clothes into your daily coordination.♪

If you think, "I bought it, but I'm worried about coordination ..." "I'm considering buying it, but I'm not confident that I can wear it ..."

1. Color dress x sneakers

2. Relaxing pants x sandals

3. Court dress x short boots

Four. in conclusion

1. Color dress x sneakers

The collar, sleeves, and hem are frilled, and the gorgeous silhouette is characteristicColored dressIt is recommended to remove it with sneakers and dress casually.

With a low -tech sneaker, it is roughly rough according to the silhouette.


(Model height and below all 158㎝)

A layering style with loose silhouette pants and colored dress. The long -length colored dress was coordinated with a sloppy feeling.


By combining a simple low -tech sneakers, the color -dress tiard and pants frills make the voluminous feet clean.

It is a volume sneaker that is as good as the dress, and on the contrary, it looks neat


Simple coordination to wear as one piece with one piece. By matching the volume sneakers that are as good as the volume of colored dress, the effect of making the ankle looks tight!


If you choose a bright color, you can enjoy a more trendy style.♪

I want to walk around Daikanyama with this coordination ...!

2. Relaxing pants x sandals

As the name suggests, it is characterized by relaxation silhouettes.Relaxing pantsIt is recommended to wear sandals and dress well.

Relaxed coordinates with white shirts and flat sandals


A style with a long -length white shirt and flat sandals to give a sense of relaxation.

If you find it difficult to wear African plints, try to reduce the visible area with long shirts, tunics, and dresses like this coordination!


If you make your feet clean with a rough sandal, you can dress a vivid African plint refreshingly.

Match the heel for the setup and wear it in a lady atmosphere


With the same pattern on relaxing pantsRelax long shirtA setup style that combines.

If you bring a heel to your feet, the coordination will be much tightened.


When combined with the heel, the beautiful lines of the pants stand out more!

3. Court dress x short boots

It features a simple and clean silhouetteCoat dressIt is recommended that you combine short boots and give a volume on your feet.

Boy -style coordinates with shorts and short boots


I put a knee -length coat dress in shorts and short boots to make a boy -style outfit.

If the tops are changed to sweatshirts and long -sleeved shirts, it is perfect for the current chilly season.


In addition to lace -up boots, it seems to be cool even if you combine side gore boots!

Four. in conclusion

How was RICCI EVERYDAY dressing?

If you balance your feet, you can easily incorporate seemingly difficult items into your usual coordination! Please take a look.

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