What are the trend colors of this season that you want to hold down "absolute"? Spring Akero Corde

Hello, this is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Did the winter cold go a little? It is around this time that I feel that. I am enjoying the spring clothes♪

(RICCI EVERYDAY is coming soon ...! I'm excited about what kind of pattern is. Everyone is looking forward to it!)

By the way, today is an introduction of Akero Corde using spring trend colors. It is a outfit that can be worn from now on, so please take a look.

1. Outdoor coordination such as picnics

2. For window shopping and going out to the city

3. in conclusion

1. Outdoor coordination such as picnics


Classic denim x trainer xMedium Akello -Yan Purple & Green-

In spring, outdoor events such as cherry blossom viewing and picnics will increase. In such a case, this classic coordinates.

At first glance it is a simple coordinates, but it ’s a chat! It ’s a coordinates with the trend holding down.♪


Pink is a trend color for spring 2022!

This time, a cute baby pink, a trendy collar.

Denim that emphasizes ease of movement, for sweet and spicy MIX coordinates.


Akero bags used by the strongest trendy pastel color, blue, and purple will produce spring

2. For window shopping and going out to the city

Next is a weekend coordination that wants to do a little fashion, such as shopping and going out.


Medium -length white leather skirt x green cardigan xAkello Pochette -Ascape mirror-

It's a bright outfit that feels spring just by hanging on a hanger.♪


Green is one of the trendy colors, but it is no longer an excellent classic color that fits into any taste outfit.

If you want to enjoy the color like an adult, we recommend that you incorporate the green.♪


Akero strap is also one of the colors of clothes. Vitamin colors, vivid blue, and pastel green enhance the trend.


Supplement the chills of spring with a leather white skirt, and make a rough feet with sneakers.

The people who go to the city are attracted to the attractive colors.♪

3. in conclusion

How was the Spring Akero Corde using trendy colors?

Click here for the pattern development of the pattern introduced today.

Yarn Purple & Green

Combined mirror

The message "Happy and yourself" is starting to penetrate the world, and there are a lot of positive -colored clothes! It is a season when Akero Corde will be the leading role! ! !

Let's enjoy COLOR's Power!

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