Incorporate ON/OFF African plints and enjoy your own fun! What ’s in my bag vol. 8

Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's Valentine soon. I bought chocolate this year as well. It seems to have another six months (laughs).

By the way, this time, I would like to introduce the contents of my bag as the 8th installment of the popular project What ’s in my bag.

I love bags, so I use different bags in various ways.

1. Weekday bags

Recently, I often use Zakuzakuto. Basically, the iPad is used as a notebook, so it has changed a bit of carrying an iPad and a PC together? doing.

Even if the luggage is heavy, if you are a Zakuzakuto, you can put it in time, so I think it is a bag that plays an active part in every scene.


From the upper right, PC, my bottle, iPad, clear file, pen, smartphone, card case, charger pouch, cosmetic pouch, handkerchief

My favorite among them is my bottle and iPhone case! Both are from Tanzania brands. I followed the RICCI EVERYDAY account on Instagram and happened to know (laughs)

When I looked at the site, the color was beautiful and only a wonderful design, so I asked if I could send it to Japan with DM, but she delivered it.✈

2. Holiday bag

It is the contents of the bag when I went to buy chocolate the other day.

The luggage on weekdays is heavy, so I carry a small bag to rest my shoulders on holidays.


From the upper right, cosmetics, messaging eco, handkerchief, smartphone, tissue (covered with holohoro cloth), card case

I don't carry a lot of cash, but I put a little bill in the card case. It uses a pineapple leather called Pinytex. It is a simple design that is easy to take out, so it is a favorite.

All the chocolate that bought it is a message echo. If it was light like chocolate, it would be safe to put it in a lot, so I had a message in the bag.


I will introduce two recommended chocolates without permission because I bought chocolate!

① Dari.k Truffle chocolate


This year, you can taste six kinds of flavors one by one, so it is recommended for eating comparison!

This brand has a wonderful product background, so please check it out.

By the way, the package is made of cocoa skin and recycled paper.

② Fris Horm Nicaris Gleeping Cinnamon


It seems that cinnamon is usually used, but the cinnamon used here is the leaf part. It is one piece that you can feel the refreshingness of cinnamon!

At the end

How was it?

What are the contents of your bag?

Please let me know on SNS if you have any favorite African print items!

By the way, please tell me the recommended chocolate☺︎

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