Winter is Africa! Court Jacket x Akero Bag Series Collection

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The New Year is over, the coming -of -age ceremony is over, and the January event has settled down. I wonder if the New Year's bokeh has finally come out (laughs)

The cold days continue, and I can't let go of coats, mufflers, and inner inner. I can't let go of Cairo to put on me ...!

This time, we will introduce the coordination of the Akero bag series that matches the clothes in such a cold winter.

I chose Akero bag according to the coat and jacket.

Even if you don't have a similar coat, I hope you can refer to the colors.

table of contents

Akello Yoko & Akello Bag 4WAYEdition-

Akello Pochette & Mini Akello 

3. Richie color fully open MA -1 Corde -Medium Akero Edition-

Four. lastly



Akello Yoko & Akello Bag 4WAYEdition-

Bore jacket of the trend this season. This jacket I wear is a super sustainable item that has been over 10 years since my mother purchased it!


The belt on the front of the jacket looks like a jacket worn by the soldier, giving a cool impression.

I put on the lace -up boots and coordinated the rugged and "men's -like" atmosphere.


In addition, this time, I tried to combine Akeroyoko -Big Eye Orange & Green, with a low color tone, and Achero bag 4WAY -swallow yellow & purple-.

It is an African print with a strong vivid and bright color, but there are actually such calm colors.

The overall tone is low, so the coordination is not persistent. Even if you think, "I want to try a pattern, but it looks difficult."

Akello Yoko 


Akero bag 4WAY -Swallow / yellow & purple- has a cool impression. Because it is a combination of calm yellow and purple, it will be a click image.


By the way, why did you make the theme of "winter in Eastern Europe"? That's because men often wear such a jacket in Eastern Europe (laughs)

But if you actually have this coordination in Eastern Europe, you'll be praised by everyone!

Akello Pochette & Mini Akello 

Speaking of winter, it is a down coat. It's warm, it's a very active item in winter.

This time, I tried to make a simple two -tone coordination by combining a black long down coat and a shocking pink.


Mini Akello 

"Pink is too cute to wear ..." "Pink is a young person?" Please return to 2021 and leave it! ! In 2022, we will skip the fixed concept!

When wearing pink, if you add black, the coordination will not be too sweet and will be tightened. Rather cool impression.

Because of the volume of the long down coat, the bag was chosen with a small Akeropo Shet and mini -kero. Then the coordination will be a little light.

Akello Pochette 


 Mini Akello 


Please try pink and black coordination this winter.♪

Medium Akello 

Speaking of rich colors, "blue x orange". Medium for coordination using blue and orangeAkello 


A medium with a dark blue pants and a MA-1 jacket with an orange color.Akello 

A medium akero based on orange is picked up according to the orange used in the color of the MA-1.

The combination of blue and orange was my first challenge! It seems to be a courageous combination, but once you wear it, you will be familiar with it.

Four. lastly

How was the coordination of the winter coat jacket and the Akero bag series?

Many people may think that African plinting items have a strong image in the spring and summer, but I think winter is the African print season!

In winter, the tone of the color of the clothes is particularly lower, so if you put in a colorful pattern African plint item there, it will be fashionable at once!

I think some people can wear a coat or jacket of various styles, so please try to match the Akero bag series with the coat jacket.

The cold days continue, but let's all spend!

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