[Last episode] How about a winter adult outfit in brown? -"RICCI EVERYDAY's Kala Pawa Corde" Summary in December-


Hello, this is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

About 10 days have passed in 2022 in no time. Everyone, thank you again this year.

What kind of year will 2022 be?
It's exciting for a new year.


This is the last Instagram project "RICCI EVERYDAY's Kala Pawa Corde" started in May.

In December, the last theme color is brown.

Brown may be sober and look old, but you can solve your worries with the colors and items you match.

I hope you can read it to the end and use it as a reference for coordination.


1. Coordination for the 1st week

2. Coordination for the second week

3. 3 -week coordination

4. Coordination for the fourth week

Five. summary

1. Coordination for the 1st week

"Brown looks old", in other words, it can be said to be an active color when you want to look a little mature.

It is compatible with brown, and it is said that the trend is four colors of "black, white, ivory and beige".
This coordination was coordinated with ivory.
If it is a combination of white x brown, the contrast will be very clear, so if you have resistance, it is recommended to combine an ivory that will give you a natural and gentle impression.


Next is a coordination that combines a brown leather jacket with a soft material with a soft material.
Considering the contrast with the brown jacket, the stall chose a beige one.

And the bag is a purple paper beads two -tone bag.
The paper bead bag has a glossy feeling, so it is perfect for a holiday season and a chitin outfit.

Paper bead bagThere are various colors like the Achero series, so please choose your favorite color according to the coordination.

2. Coordination for the second week

Next is the second week.


Winter clothes are brown and black, tend to tone down ... I want to give myself somewhere, not a similar color on a similar coat!

In such a case, it is recommended for the staff to incorporate colors and patterns with small items.

Color items and patterns go well because they are simple and tone down.

This time, I added color to the muffler and bag. The red shines very beautifully in the brown.
By all means, I would like you to enjoy the seasonal coordinates with red x brown.


Next, here.


I was worried that the brown system looked old.
In such a case, it is a solution in the form and accessories that hold down the trend.
Akero bag with a trendy mini skirt, a muffler that gives a color tone, and a color tone.

The blue of the Akero bag color is eye -catching, and the brown coordinates are gorgeous at once. You can survive the cold of winter with a bright feeling.

The brown coordinates, which are indispensable in winter, are themselves, and let's finish it gorgeously. Color to your ally! I don't forget about winter and my personality. Lingering

3. 3 week coordination

The third week.


Coordination that incorporates color dresses. Furbest is an item with a special feeling by raising your everyday clothes.
You may think that it is difficult only to use as a fashionable person to incorporate it as a everyday clothes, but it is surprisingly good with basic items, and it goes well with turtlenecks, so you can aim for style up.

This time, the brown turtleneck is combined with the colored dress inner, and the beige fur vest is combined in addition to it.
The coordination combining brown and pink is a color matching that is popular among adult women. Both brown and pink have a wide tone, so you can enjoy it regardless of the season depending on the combination of colors and materials.

In addition, the coordination of the fur vest is the point of length and balance.
If the skirt length is long, such as colored dress, if you choose a short -length fur vest, the upper body will be compact and the foot length effect will be outstanding. It is especially recommended for those who are not tall.


Even if you combine the brown leather jacket instead of the fur vest, you will feel a trend.

Brown has a softer impression than a black leather jacket.

Incorporating trendy materials such as pho and leather into the African plint will make the coordination width very much.

Next, here.


A simple brown coat that gives you elegance.

It is recommended not only to wear feminine with skirts and dresses, but also to match casual dresses such as denim. Lingering
The bag is based on orangeAkello YokoI am matching.
Brown is a color created by mixing orange and yellow, so you can easily create a familiar and natural coordination.
With brown matching, the bright orange will be somewhere natural and relaxing.

You can enjoy moderate and relaxed casual coordination by combining denim and African plint bags with a feminine impression coat.

Four. 4 week coordination

The last week, the fourth week.

The brown skirt and boots are combined with the akero bag with a pattern based on a calm brown.

To give a sense of omission, add a cream -colored knit and a white muffler.

By doing so, the whole coordination will be slow.

You can enjoy adult brown coordinates.

Here is the last.



Since it was December, it is a "Christmas outing outfit" with yellow as a point color.
A brown -colored velor turtleneck for an elegant impression.
At the same time, the coat with a yellow fake fur based on brown was combined.
This coordination is perfect for an outing outfitAkello PochetteCoordinated with.

Put on a strap and put it on your shoulder looks like an adult.

Five. summary

How was it? The theme color in December was brown.

It is a color that tends to be difficult to coordinate, but if you devise small items and materials a little, you will get a stylish impression, so please enjoy Brown Corde by all means.

As I wrote at the beginning, this is the last time the Karaga Pawa Corde project is. Thank you for watching so far.

We were able to learn how to enjoy the color and what style we could propose to incorporate African plints into coordination.

“Color, Power.” Color gives us power.
And what kind of color you want to wear today, what kind of bag you want to have, today you want to get well, you want to make the red, a refreshing atmosphere, so the color is sometimes barometer. It is also a source of power.
It may be a little courageous to incorporate the color that has never been incorporated into the coordination, but I think the color will push your back and become an ally.

Please use your favorite colors to your ally, incorporate colorful items in your lifestyle, and spend a rich and wonderful day in your mind and body.

And RICCI EVERYDAY will continue to consider wonderful projects so that you can help, so please look forward to it.

I hope you will be able to continue colorful every day in 2022, and your daily life.

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