African plastic x red with red♪- "RICCI EVERYDAY's Kala Pawa Corde" November Summary-


Hello, this is RICCI EVERYDAY Sasaki Ikuyo.

2021 was the last month, December. Have you ever left it? I haven't been able to keep up every year. This year, I want to refresh the room and welcome 2022 comfortably.


This time, I will talk about the coordination introduced in November in the Instagram project "RICCI EVERYDAY".

11The theme color of the moon isRedwas.Do you enjoy Red Corde? It has a strong image of being flashy, and it may be difficult to incorporate, but just a little incorporation will make the whole coordination bright and fun. I hope you can read it to the end and refer to the coordination.


1. Coordination for the 1st week

2. Coordination for the second week

3. 3 -week coordination

4. Coordination for the fourth week

Five. summary

1. Coordination for the 1st week

It is a red that is also included in the fall and winter trend color of this term, but it is a color with a claim, so it is easy to incorporate it with denim and white

In this coordination, the white shirt incorporated a lace shirt, and the shoes matched the dark color with the season in mind.
The bag is a wallet bag that can be a clutch or shoulderis.



How about enjoying the bright red color coordinates with casual styling?

The mood is brighter and the power is coming out!


Next is here. The red lines of the pants are very eye -catching and cool style.

When incorporating the red color, if you use it as a point, the coordination will be sharp.

This time, I incorporated a red line in the pants, and used black and dark blue for other items. The style is quite simple, but the red line has an impact and has a slightly sporty impression.

In accordance with this red line, the Akero 4WAY with a wristwatch pattern is inserted, and the pants line and the vertical lines of the red watch pattern are playful and coordinated with a sense of unity.
Because there is a vertical line, the style can be seen quickly, so it is also recommended for small people.

2. Coordination for the second week

Next is the second week.


The dramatic red is a color that improves the freshness of the coordinates at onceis.
Because it is a strong color, it may be difficult to combine with other items, it may look flashy ... but it may be shunned, but because it is a color that is eye -catching, it is a color that can be adopted in any coordination. is.

Adding red to the tops will increase the bloody face of the face. In addition, a strong contrast creates a willing expression.

In this coordination, the royal road trading coordinates with a bright red knit as the inner and a dark blue jacket. The Akeropo shet is combined to add playfulness.
Just match the African plint and quickly turn into a more fresh
Please enjoy the fresh royal road outfit


Next, here.


It is an autumn coordination with a fan pattern.
The clothes are navy and red, and the bags are navy and red.
Because the clothes are simple, the African plint shines.
My favorite African plint is exciting💗Will give you.

Please go out with a simple color coordination that matches the Akero bag, with the bag as the leading role.     

3. 3 week coordination

The third week.


Leopard patterns and camouflage patterns that appear in the fall and winter. I have more opportunities to see this season. And this season, the tulle skirt is also a trend

The camouflage pattern may be an item that often coordinates with monotone items such as black and gray, but when combined with the primary colors such as red, it can be an accent of coordination and a sense of unity.

In this coordination, the bag is added to the bag, two -tone bag -peppermint & green, adding cuteness.
Enjoy the cool impression of leopard patterns and camouflage patterns with soft materials, three -dimensional materials, and bright colors.

Next, here.

The theme of this coordination "Autumn Mountain Mountain Climbing Corde".

It is a perfect coordination for the outdoors based on red x brown.

Achero bags are actually perfect for sporty outdoor coordination and very cute.

It is easy because both hands are empty when diagonally.Combine a brown mountain boots, a brown akero, and a red turtleneck for a perfect coordination for fall and winter.If you match the down vest, it will be transformed into an outdoor coordination at once!

If it is a mountain of Mt. Takao, you can climb with this coordination.

By all means, please enjoy outdoor coordinates with Achero bags.

Four. 4 week coordination

The last week, the fourth week.


This is the red dress as the leading roleI did the shopping outfit.

For a coordination with a deep brown color and a bag with the same red as one piece.The brown and red color scheme is somewhere in a retro cute atmosphere.

And when you shop and increase your luggage, the straps attached to the Akero series are active.👍🏻
Very convenient because it can be put on a shoulder or hanging on the go.💡

The Akero series is a bag that can be conveniently enjoyed for both fashionable and shopping.

Here is the last.

I use the color, but it's not enough ...
In such a case, please add your own personality with an Akero bag.

Noticeable red is easy to incorporate if you use points, such as bags, skirts, nails, not it.

The coordinates are easy and brighter just by holding Akero bagsBecome.
If your luggage increases in shopping, etc., from a clutch bag to a handbagPlease enjoy your fashion easily and conveniently.


Five. summary

How was it? The theme color in November was Red.

Just incorporate red into the coordination to make it a gorgeous and luxurious coordination.

I'm still worried about infectious diseases, but it's a season when I go out and meet people for the year -end and New Year holidays. By all means, please incorporate the red into the coordination and enjoy the season when you are bright with a bright feeling.

Please spend your heart and body healthy in the coming season when the cold becomes severe.

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