Store! My storage technique What's in my bag vol.7


Hello, this is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The other day, I went to see the autumn leaves. The really beautiful and natural healing effect was enormous. In this column, I would be glad if I could deliver a little healing to everyone while including photos of autumn leaves!

By the way, this column isThis is the category of "Just Be Yourself -Let's Express yourself in fashion-".

I would be glad if you could find your own bags and "like" by introducing the bags and commitments I usually use.

This is my favorite,Mini Akellois. I often go out with this mini -kero on weekends.



I took a picture unintentionally because it matched the fallen leaves. (smile)

Click here for the contents.

Above (from left): Multi case, iPad mini, mask case

Middle (from left): Card case, AirPods, wallet, key case

Below (from left): Makeup pouch (with tissue case), handkerchief, eco -bag

I have a lot of luggage, but I feel a little clear ...! Actually, it is stored in the multi -case♪

In the first pocket, disinfect, wet tissue, hand cream.

In the second pocket, there are sweets. It is essential because it is often hungry. (smile)

In the third pocket, brushes, hair rubber, and carry -on treatment. It is an indispensable item for my hair that tends to dry.

The fourth pocket is a regular medicine sheet. This item is also necessary in case of emergency!


Here is the bag. Small AirPods and card cases are stored in the bag pocket and others are arranged vertically.

By the way ... I carry Zakuzakuto on weekdays with PCs and other luggage. I don't want to move the accessories in the bag, so I put them all in cotton kinkichak and put them in the bag!

Multi -case, iPad mini, key case, wallet and mask case are stored. It is easy to take out if you put it vertically.

Mini -kero has a handbag or shoulder bag according to his mood. I am glad that it can be changed immediately on the spot.



By the way, the pattern is different on the front and back, so this is also changed depending on the mood. I like blue!


Multi -caseorCotton Kinkin ChakHow was my own storage using?

Please enjoy the autumn leaves season with your favorite Achero bags and African plants.

If you take a picture, please share it on SNS! We look forward to photos packed with your "like"!