8th anniversary of celebration! Introducing the limited limited items & new battic items

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's really hot every day, and how long will this heat continue? ! Is the earth okay? ! ! I think ... if you notice it is already in late August. Is the moment when the wind feels cool? That's around this time.

By the way, do you remember anything in the latter half of August? that's right! This is the anniversary of RICCI EVERYDAY! !

RICCI EVERYDAY will celebrate its 8th anniversary on August 26 (Saturday). In this column, we will introduce limited items to be released to commemorate the 8th anniversary, and items and materials that will be pushed out by the 8th anniversary.

1. 8th anniversary commemorative limited item "One Handle Kin Chak"

2. Batical items that deliver a new African image

3. At the end

1. 8th Anniversary Limited Items "One Handle Kin Chak"

To commemorate the 8th anniversary, RICCI EVERYDAY will sell a kin -cha -ki bag and a one -handle Kin -chak for a limited time.

Kikoi is a cloth used for Uganda's women's waist roll and is characterized by a gentle touch. It is carefully woven with 100%cotton thread.

Kikui is soft and warm. Through this one -handle kin -cha, we hope that we can thank the warm support from those who have always been patronizing RICCI EVERYDAY.

Until now, there were many gentle colors such as off -white and pale blue, but the one -handle kin -cha that will be released this time has a colorful color that is RICCI EVERYDAY. I guess RICCI fans will be particularly pleased.

The pop is added to the natural atmosphere of Kiki, and it is wonderful. I'm worried about which color to use ...

The kin -cha -jaku bag will increase the fashion degree of coordination just by holding it.

The combination of the color of the handle and the handle is also a cute point.

The size is just right and the size is easy to use.

The price is 4,730 yen (tax included). I hope that many people can pick it up at this opportunity.

The sales period is from 21:00 on August 25 (Fri) to 23:59 on Thursday, September 3rd. "One Handle Kinchak" is delivered with thanks for the 8th anniversary from RICCI EVERYDAY. Do not miss it!

2. Batical items that deliver a new African image

RICCI EVERYDAY celebrates its 8th anniversary on August 26 (Sat), but from the ninth year, we hope that we can actively introduce materials other than African plints.

One of them is Kiki, which I introduced earlier, and various items of Kiki will appear in the future.

In addition, do you remember the Battic Abu Dhabi Gather and Skirt that arrived only once this spring? We are currently preparing a lot of items using this Battic that was very popular!

Battic is a cloth dyed with a dyed dyed technique that draws a pattern on a cloth by melting it and then dyes with dye.

Since the podded part does not dye with dye, it is also characterized by drawing various patterns with dye, drying the woven, and making a crack pattern by dividing.

The battic used in RICCI EVERYDAY is made in Tanzania.

Each one is hand -made, and the unique hand -dyed pattern creates a different edge atmosphere from African plastic.

The first is three items: Eco, Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt, and Rachel Pencil skirt to be released on August 25 (Fri).

The chic atmosphere, which is completely different from African plint, will be very active until the fall and winter.

We will continue to deliver the new charm of Africa, which is attracted by Batics and Kikui. We hope to be able to convey the diversity of African culture, not just African plints. Please look forward to it!

3. At the end

Until the end Thank you for reading.

RICCI EVERYDAY's 8th anniversary, "One Handle Kin Chak", and Kiki and Batics will be pushed out in the 8th anniversary.

With the appreciation of the 8th anniversary, we will tell you the charm of Uganda and Africa through various items in the ninth year.

Keep an eye on RICCI EVERYDAY in the future!

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