Notice of cloth Marche and online workshop

Hello everyone.
I'm Hashimoto, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff.

It's been spring.
Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and this year is a little expectation that you can feel the seasonal change of the season from last year.

By the way, this time, we will inform you about "Full Marche" starting at Daikanyama directly managed stores on March 13 (Sat) to March 31 (Wed).

The staff have been thinking about "I want to hold a cloth Marche" for a long time, and it has been decided to be held with fullness! (Wow)
Many customers also received hot voices saying, "Do you want to enter a new cloth?" I hope you enjoy it.

Here are the details of the products sold at Cloth Marche. There is also a nice event, so please take a look.

1. About cloth Marche
2. About cloth Marche sales products
2-1. Introduction of workshop kit
2-2. Introduction of Hagire and African prints
3. Finally

1. About cloth Marche
・ Venue: Daikanyama direct store
・ Period: March 13 (Sat) to March 31 (Wednesday)

Also, at the online store, some items will be sold in cloth Marche from the 12th (Fri), so please check them out.

2. About cloth Marche sales products
2-1. Introduction of workshop kit
In this cloth Marche, we have prepared four types of workshop kits. There are some stores limited to stores, so check them out! !

・ Fabric Photo Frame Kit ¥ 2,750 (tax included)
Why do not you color your important photos or cute postcards with African plints?

Create an original photo frame by freely cut and paste the African plint.

An online workshop is also held !!

In addition, an online workshop will be held at ZOOM from 10:30 to 12:00 on March 28 (Sun). In the workshop, we will create this photo frame, so why not make a fun photo frame while chatting with you?

If you purchase a photo frame at an online store or Daikanyama direct store, we will give you a manual describing the ZOOM URL together. If you access it on the 28th of the day, you can participate in the workshop.
We look forward to your participation.

・ Fabric panel kit ¥ 3,080 (tax included)

We will also sell popular fabric panels at this cloth Marche.
This is a kit where you can put an African plint on the canvas. It can be easily made, so small children can also make it.

You can put some African plints in combination, cut it in your favorite shape, paint the canvas with paint, etc., and then put an African card. 。
After making it, decorate it on the wall and put it as an interior, your home will be bright. It can be easily incorporated as an original interior.

・ Fabric notebook kit ¥ 2,530 (tax included)

This is a kit where you can put an African plint on the cover and back cover of the notebook. This is also your favorite combination, and cut and paste the African print. Since the notebook is compact size, it is convenient to carry. Let's put out the bag quickly and appeal "I can work" with a notebook with a cute African print. (smile)

If the stationery is cute, you may be able to work and study ...!

・ Fabric Animal Mask Kit (*Store Limited Product) ¥ 2,530 (tax included)

This is a store -only kit. A kit from Uganda is a set of palm -sized animals and African plints. If you put an African clin on the animal mask, you will have a very pop and cute mask.

The walls of Daikanyama's directly managed stores also decorate the masks of animals with fine hagilly, but they often say "cute", so this time, this kit is sold at Clan Marche. I decided to do it. Please make it by all means.

2-2. Introduction of Hagire and African prints
Cloth Marche sells not only workshop kits but also African plastic fabric and Hagile sets. There are also stores limited to stores!

・ African plastic fabric fabric set (20㎝ × 20㎝) ¥ 1,320 (tax included)

We will sell a set of 20 cm x 20 mm into a set of 10 pieces. This is also available from many customers, saying, "Please sell Hagile Set!"

It is also ant to make small mascots with hagly, put them on something like a workshop kit, or just look into the hagire as "cute ..." (laughs).

・ African plastic fabric (width 120 x length 50㎝) ¥ 1,375 yen (tax included)

This time, the fabric has arrived for both stores and online stores in line with the holding of cloth Marche. We sell fabric with a width of 120 mm in length 50cm.
If you want 1m at the online store, please purchase the quantity to 2 (50㎝ x 2 = 1m).

Depending on the length, the cloth can be made of clothes, and it is very convenient because it can be worn daddly when you want to hide a tablecloth or a little storage space.
The store and the online store have different patterns, so please look forward to it when you come to the store.

・ Hagile Tsumidori (*store limited) 500 yen per time (tax included)
We will grab the hagire only for the store. I brought a lot of hagire from Uganda's studio! Because it is a fun project like a festival, you can easily enjoy cloth Marche.

Everyone, the amount of hagire that can be grasped depending on the size of the hand and the strength of the hand will change, so please do your hand muscle training and challenge! !
Muscle training is not betrayed! ! (smile)

3. Finally
That's it for the lineup to be sold in this cloth Marche. We hope that it will be a project that can be enjoyed by RICCI EVERYDAY customers with many African plints and Hagile fans.

See the African plint, touch it with your hand, smell the cloth with your nose.

The staff will welcome you after implementing the temperature inspection and wearing a mask.
When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection at the alcohol gel near the door.
We will also carry out your own temperature inspection. As a result of the temperature measurement, we may refrain from entering the store with 37.0 degrees or more, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Currently, directly managed stores want to enjoy shopping for customers in the distance, so we provide online customer service services by LINE video call. If you come to the store directly, please make a reservation from the following link by the day before the desired date.

Preliminary reservation / online customer service service for visiting the storeHerefrom

4 minutes on foot from the Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station Central ticket gate
24-1 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ROOB2 2nd floor C 03-6455-2446

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