Introduction of Uganda Cuisine Loon Bore Recipe

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In the previous column, I introduced Uganda cuisine, but did you enjoy it? If you haven't checked it yet, please take a look!
About Uganda cuisine

By the way, this time, I would like to introduce the voice "I want to actually eat Uganda cuisine!" Mote_mote_cooking, my friend, who provided the recipe, who is also active as a petit flu (?)!

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It's colorful and all look delicious ...
Recipe provider:mote_mote_cooking

・ 1/2 carrot
・ 1 onion
・ 1 pepper
・ 1 tomato ( * can be used with tomato cans)
・ Make a mushroom appropriate amount
・ Chicken thigh 300g
・ Paprika powder 2 teaspoon

・ Whiskey Oak Chips ( * It is sold to a barbecue corner such as a home center. If not, it can be replaced by mixing tea leaves and sugar at 2: 1).
・ Leaves such as hoonoki ( * Sold for about 500 yen on Amazon, etc. If not, it can be used with a cooking sheet.)


The day before
・ Put chicken thighs overnight in water mixed with sugar and salt. The amount of water is so sweet. By doing so, the moisture returns to the chicken and makes it juicy!
・ Put the dried hoonoki leaves in water.

On the day
・ All vegetables are chopped. If the tomato is concerned about the skin, hot water.
・ The oven is preheated to 200 ° C.

Add oil to a pan, add carrots, onions and salt. Put the lid and bake it for 15 minutes over low heat to medium heat.


Slice the mushroom while steaming. After about 15 minutes, add the paprika powder and get used to it. Once familiar with oil, add chopped peppers and tomatoes.

Put it again and then steam for 10 minutes while stirring. Add hot water if you don't have water and may be burnt.

POINT! Paprika powder is better than water, so put it ahead of the moisturized tomatoes.

3. Wipe off the moisture of the chicken in water mixed with salt and sugar.

Smoked chicken in a frying pan.

Spread aluminum foil in a frying pan and put whiskey oak chip. ( * Teflon -processed frying pan may damage Teflon, so use an old -fashioned frying pan.)
Place the net on it and arrange the chicken.
( * Net can be substituted with cake coolers.)

Put a stainless steel bowl and smoke over medium heat for 3 minutes.

POINT!In Uganda, it is basically to cook and cook outside using banana leaves and wood outside, so natural and smoky will move to ingredients. This time I smoked it to express the smoky!

Wrap chicken, sliced ​​mushrooms, and steamed vegetables with hoonoki leaves. It is easy to bend by cutting a cut on the leaf axis.

POINT!In Uganda,As shown in the photo belowBanana leaves may be used for cooking instead of pots and plates.(The following photo)By doing so, the fragrance and moisture of the leaves will be transferred to the ingredients. This time, we used the leaves of the hoonoki to reproduce the uganda feeling, but can be used with another plant leaf or cooking sheet!

5.Pour water on the top plate and bake in an oven that has preheated to 200 ° C.

POINT! If you use freshly picked banana leaves, you will get a lot of water, but this time we use dead leaves, so we have water on the top plate so that the inside of the oven does not become empty! We also recommend draining water when using a cooking sheet!

Complete! !
This time, we had a Uganda style with three staple food! The potatoes from the right are rice and chapati.

The seasoning was so delicious that I couldn't get tired so much that I couldn't imagine just salt! I felt the original umami of the vegetables and the smoky scent of chicken, and this fits well with the staple food.

By the way, in Uganda, it is often used not only for Lunbo, but also for cooking, Reiko, which is like Japanese consomme. This time I used only salt, but if you like it, please adjust it!

In addition, the use of real plant leaves has given the atmosphere of Uganda cuisine at a stretch! In fact, mote_mote_cooking, in order to give this uganda feeling, he thought a lot in Japan, and he went to the bamboo grove ... (tears).

This time, I used a tree of a tree called Honoki, and it is used for Parkha sushi in the Kinki and Chubu regions, has antibacterial effects, and is perfect for cooking! If you want to stick to Uganda feeling more, please use the leaves! !

Mote_mote_cooking, thank you very much for the recipe! In addition to this, various original and wonderful recipes have been released, so be sure to take a look at your account of mote_mote_cooking!

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