RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill: The experience at the Kaneyama Direct Store

Good afternoon.RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill: Yoka Kondo is a member of the company.

In September, the night-wind began to be a pleasant season.I have a lot of reading for the night.I'm reading my favorite book while taking a rest with a smartphone.

In June, the directly managed stores are operating one hour and one full reservation system.
It has been four months since the first measure taken into consideration of the spread of the Corona infection.I have booked many customers in advance and enjoy the world view of African printing.
I would be happy to have enjoyed the brightly friendly atmosphere of the store through an online customer service that can enjoy shopping with the feeling of being in a store as well as on the way.

This time, I will tell you about the shop experience that you can enjoy at the Daikan-yama camp.

Experience 1: The sensation of traveling out of space surrounded by a colorful and colorful African print.

This is a direct-operated shop.

The first thing that comes into the store is a colorful African print.As you can see in the local market of Ghana and Uganda, you can see the product directly by enjoying the exciting sense of the hilt surrounding the hilt of various colors, as in the African print of the main field.The design of a printed bag used in bags and small objects is all one point, depending on the method of judgment and the combination of the reverse land.Even in the same design, the atmosphere changes to Galary.

Ghanaian African Printmarket

Experience 2: Enjoy the atmosphere of the direct management workshop in Uganda as if it were there!
Have you ever heard of the word "VR"?

VR is an abbreviation of Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality), meaning "artificial realities" and "virtual reality" are translated into Japanese.
You can spend time like the world over VR that feels like a real world.

The world in which VR is limited is the direct management of Uganda, the local market, and the local store.Enjoy the world of Uganda surrounded by 360 degrees.

I'd like you to wear it like a picture.

It is also a good thing to say, "Wow!" from customers.
I really want you to experience it, because it's a feeling that's really going to come down to Ugandan.

Experience 3: Try to get your customized clothes on!
You can try out an African print suit at your directly-managed store.After arriving in the online shop in Uganda, after the order was ordered, the order was made by unioniously unionly in the front of the company.

We will deliver it for two months to our customers.
* Due to the recent impact of coronavirus, the arrival of goods may be delayed.Please be careful.

The next direct-managed store order is scheduled for January next year.
We are considering a new color and design for the new crop.I look forward to you!
* The timing and content of the order may also be changed.Please note that this is not the only way to do so.

And now!
In September, we are planning to sell the sample items online!
The size is available only for 36 (160 cm).
For more informationonline sitefor the following:

The design is of two types: A Dress and Carrie Volumed Tops.
A Dress ¥ 22,000 (tax included)

Carrie Volumed Tops \15,400 (tax included)

The stalk is expected to be of the following five patterns:
(1) I, Orange & Orange Blue.

(2) Garden

(3) Swallow-white car, kiblo

4. Geometry and Lombas

5. Brown dragon.

Experience 4: One of my favorites in online concierjuice.

In a direct-operated store, you have an online customer service that can enjoy shopping in a space like your home in April, as if you are in a directly managed store.

After 60 minutes, you can use LINE's video call function to open your merchandise through your screen, and you will answer your questions and inquiries from your view!

The staff will be able to show you the color of the African print from your screen, so you can enjoy the color of the black print.

Did you have four things you can experience with RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill?I wish I could have enjoyed the atmosphere of the direct-run shop.

It is a full reservation system.You can watch the store slowly.The air bags, travel items, and customizations of the customization.Try it in front of the mirror for your hands.so that you can find your favourite.

It is delighted to see customers who come to the store with their ackeroseries and eco-bags, and they feel happy about the space of the store.As the outlook is uncertain, we have been waiting for a staff member to spend a little time in the future.

We are working on a thorough countermeasures against the corona.
Our staff will welcome the conduct of the survey and the masked sour to wear masks.When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection of the car at the Alcohol Gel near the door.

We are in the full reservation system!
Currently, you can enjoy shopping at a directly-managed store to customers who live in a remote place, and you are guided through the online concierle service via LINE video call.
In addition, you can make a reservation before you visit the restaurant directly.

The following links allow you to pre-order your stores and make reservations for online contact services.
The pre-reserved online concierge in your storeRight here.

Four minutes walk from the central ticket gate of Daikanzan Station on the Tokyu Higashi-Yoko Line.
Tokyo Metropolitan Saruga-cho, Shibuya Ward, 24-1ROOB203-6455-2446

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