Staff introduction Vol.5

Hello, I'm Ito, RICCI EVERYDAY staff!This is the fifth time "RICCI EVERYDAY staff introduction", this time, I will deliver it.

It was a valuable opportunity for me to look back on my relationship with RICCI EVERYDAY.
I hope everyone can get along to the end!

・ Currently involved business content
・ Transform you know RE
・ The reason why I decided to work
・ RE's favorite item
·My boom
・ Message to customers

・ Currently involved business content
Currently, I am in charge of back office work.
What we are working on with the owner is to create accounting mechanisms necessary to accurately grasp the monthly income and expenditures for each business, and to create an environment where all the RE staff can work with peace of mind. 。

I have been involved with the idea that RE is backed up from behind and all the staff can help to work with lively!

・ Transform you know RE
The representative of Chitsu's partner is my former boss, and I learned about RE and Chitsu through that!

I myself had stayed in a country called Togo, West Africa, and I loved the vividness and freedom of African plints. When I first visited Daikanyama store, I remember it was exciting lol

・ The reason why I decided to work
I thought that I would be able to support RE who was a fan as a customer as much as I could by myself, but I was told as a back office staff.

I still remember that I would be happy if I would like to support the RE members who are trying to deliver the products with sincere thoughts when they say their voices.

・ RE's favorite item
I couldn't focus on one, so let me introduce two! smile

One is Acheromidium.

This is an important buddy that has been a big success since I took me home just a year ago.
Of course, when you go to play, the Akeromidium is very useful for your work because the laptops are perfect!

The two are accessory cases.

This is an excellent thing that can be folded and used as an interior to put accessories at home, folded and used when traveling. I'm looking forward to the Corona's situation and I can go on a trip with this child. I recommend it around.

I feel that the RE product is very attractive not only for the vivid patterns and functionality of African prints, as well as the creator's thoughts and energy while using it every day. I think it's such a product that can push the back of my life while using it.

·My boom
My boom is "writing by hand"!

I wrote a diary since the second half of last year, but my head was organized while moving my hands, and my heart was clear, and I was addicted to writing itself.

Right now, I use my notebook and two notes.

The notebook is a vertical type that allows you to write 24 hours of schedule.

Sometimes I say, "I need 24 hours? I don't need it in the morning and midnight?"

I write my work ideas and diaries in my notebook. The cover is "red" that will give you energy. I didn't intend, but when I noticed, the red rate was high.

・ Message to customers
Until the end Thank you for reading!

I would be glad if you could deliver coloring every day through RICCI EVERYDAY products!

Please look forward to the next staff introduction♫

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When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection at the alcohol gel near the door.

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